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Cyphers and Masks

Espionage is a major part of any conflict. Getting information on enemy numbers, movements, plans, and planting false information, along with carrying out covert, strategic strikes on enemy installati
As with just about every new Star Wars RPG book, there's lots of new options for players to create more unique and defined characters, letting them play just exactly what they want to. In Cyphers and
I wish I could be a sleeper agent. Just nap all day, snuggling up with your teddyrancor, under your X-Wing sheets. *gets handed a note* Oh... that's not what a sleeper agent does at all. Apparently th
Information is everything. Being informed of the situation at hand, especially in something as chaotic as a warzone can mean the difference between victory and defeat. And when an enemy is captured, g
In any fantasy RPG, someone's almost always going to pick the rogue to play. You know, they want to be sneaky, staying in the shadows, picking locks, stealing pants off of unwitting bar patrons, backs