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Cutting Edge Miniatures

Warlord Games has taken over as the exclusive worldwide distributor and manufacturer of Cutting Edge Miniature's Biblical Warfare models.


From the announcement:

Warlord Games are delighted to announce they are now exclusive worldwide distributors and manufacturers of Cutting Edge Miniatures’ 28mm Biblical Warfare ranges.

“The chance to take on Peter Womack’s beautiful range of Biblical models was too good to pass up”, says Warlord Games’ Paul Sawyer, “We are looking forward to making these miniatures widely available via our webstore, at the many shows we attend and in stores across the world. Peter has plenty of ideas for developing the ranges further and expanding beyond the Bronze Age and into the Iron Age for the period c. 3000 BC to c. 500 BC…”

These ranges are good for any game set in Biblical times and perfectly support Warlord Games’ Hail Caesar rules which covers warfare from 3000BC through to around 1100AD. The current ranges cover key factions such as Sumerians, Egyptians, Assyrians, Babylonians, Mitanni, Hebrews, Sea Peoples and many more.

Cutting Edge Miniatures has some new Sumerian and Akkadian platform carts (sort of what came before chariots) over in their webstore. Go check 'em out.

Final pieces to the jigsaw of the Early and Middle Bronze Age comes in the guise of single rider 4 Onager Platform Carts for the Sumerians, Akkadians, Early Elamites, Zagros Highlanders (Gutians and Lullubi); and later Platform Carts and a Proto-Chariot for the Later Amorites and Sumerian Successor States of the Middle Bronze Age.

Cutting Edge Miniatures has some new Bronze Age chariots. These were the Shermans of their day.

From the update:

28mm Cutting Edge Miniatures now launch the Late Bronze Age 2-Horse chariots for the Mitanni, Syrians and Canaanites and Middle Kingdom Assyrians and Babylonians

Cutting Edge Miniatures latest releases in 28mm are 3 New Kingdom Egyptian Chariots including optional Pharaohs:

From their post:

Cutting Edge Miniatures latest releases in 28mm are 3 New Kingdom Egyptian Chariots including optional Pharaohs.
Cutting Edge Miniatures Announces Late Bronze Age Releases:

From their announcement:

Now available are the latest 28mm Late Bronze Age Infantry for the armies of Mitanni, Middle Kingdom Assyria, Kassite Babylonia, Syrian and Canaanite City States and the early Hebrews. Also, more New Kingdom Egyptian Close Fighters.
Cutting Edge Miniatures are now selling 28mm Later Hittite Heavy Chariots. Later Hittite Heavy Chariot From their announcement:
Now available, 3 styles of Cutting Edge Miniatures 28mm Later Hittite Chariots with 2 Armoured Horses and 3 crew. 2 Chariots have spear armed crew and 1 Chariot has bow armed crew
Cutting Edge Miniatures have released several new 28mm Early Egyptian figures. Early Egyptian Axemen From their announcement:
The first of the Bronze Age Egyptians are now available, starting with the Old and Middle Kingdom of the Early and Middle Bronze Age.
  • Early Egyptian Spearmen
  • Early Egyptian Axemen
  • Early Egyptian Archers I
  • Early Egyptian Archers II
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Cutting Edge Miniatures have added new 28mm Hittite or Anatolian Light Chariot miniatures to their online store. Light Chariot 003 From their announcement:
Cutting Edge have just released 3 types of 28mm Hittite or Anatolian Light Chariots. There are 3 different styles of chariot and each chariot comes with 2 fighting crew to give a choice of either an archer or spearman/commander, as well as the driver.
Cutting Edge Miniatures have released a new set of 28mm Ancient Spearmen figures. Akkadian Spearmen with Shield From their announcement:
The latest in 28mm Cutting Edge Miniatures Spearmen are for the Sumerian, Akkadian, Neo-Sumerian and Hittite Spearmen armies and all now with Shields