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Cursed City

In the new year, a fan-favorite boxed game will be making its return from Games Workshop. It's Warhammer Quest: Cursed City. Missed out the first time? You'll have another chance to get in on the acti
Cursed City is the new big-box expansion for Warhammer Quest. Grab your team and head into the dark alleyways of Ulfenkarn, seeking out the undead menace that threatens everyone with a pulse. You can
As the heroes move around in Cursed City, they'll come across situations where their decisions will have a lasting impact on the game's narrative. We get a look at some of these dilemmas that players
Vampires are tough opponents at any time, but they are decided more powerful at night, when their movement isn't inhibited by the sun. That's going to be an issue in Cursed City, as the players must w
Jelsen Darrock (and his hat) will be making their way down the streets of Cursed City soon. Want to know what this highly-armed executioner can do in the game? That's just what we get a look at in thi
So... why go to a cursed city, anyway? It's not like there's a vibrant theater community and some great microbreweries. Well, we get a look at just why the heroes are journeying to Cursed City in this
As usual, Games Workshop put out this week's pre-releases on Saturday and then immediately gave us a look at this upcoming week's pre-releases on Sunday. If you're wondering what that is, have yoursel
In Cursed City's campaign, players will be able to upgrade their hero's abilities as they continue along. We get a look at some of them in this preview of the new Warhammer Quest box set, coming soon
There's some pretty cool minis coming in the Cursed City set for Warhammer Quest. So, what if I wanted to port them over to my Age of Sigmar army? Well, you can! And we get a preview of some of their
Games Workshop is giving you another look at the Cursed City set coming for Warhammer Quest. This time, they're headed to the undead side of the picture. You figure, if you've got a cursed city, there
Over the weekend, Games Workshop did another one of their big preview weekends. This one had a decidedly fantasy skew to it, focusing on Age of Sigmar, Warhammer Underworlds, and Warhammer Quest. If y
When you have nothing else to lose, you become very dangerous. Well, Qulathis the Exile has lost everything. Now, she's out for vengeance. She's a new hero coming for Warhammer Underworlds in Cursed C
Cursed City is the new set coming for Warhammer Quest. To get you in the know about this box, Games Workshop has started a new preview series. They're beginning with what most groups find first when h