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Cursed City

Games Workshop is giving you another look at the Cursed City set coming for Warhammer Quest. This time, they're headed to the undead side of the picture. You figure, if you've got a cursed city, there
Over the weekend, Games Workshop did another one of their big preview weekends. This one had a decidedly fantasy skew to it, focusing on Age of Sigmar, Warhammer Underworlds, and Warhammer Quest. If y
When you have nothing else to lose, you become very dangerous. Well, Qulathis the Exile has lost everything. Now, she's out for vengeance. She's a new hero coming for Warhammer Underworlds in Cursed C
Cursed City is the new set coming for Warhammer Quest. To get you in the know about this box, Games Workshop has started a new preview series. They're beginning with what most groups find first when h