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Curious Constructs Miniatures

Talk Wargaming posted a review of some of Curious Constructs' artillery piece models. Go see what they had to say.SourceFrom the post:Curious Constructs range of Field Artillery includes 4 weapon vari
Curious Constructs and Zinge Industries has their Steampunk Infantry Kickstarter campaign coming to an end tomorrow. They've made quite a bit over their goal, so be sure to check out the extras.Multip
Curious Constructs and Zinge Industries have teamed up to bring you their new 28mm Infantry Support Weapon Kickstarter campaign.They've already passed their goal, so it's stretches for the next 34 day
Curious Constructs and Zinge Industries are showing off some previews of the artillery pieces they'll be bringing to Kickstarter soon.SourceFrom the preview:Time to lift the lid!Zinge Industries and C
Curious Constructs had these pieces funded by Kickstarter some months ago. Now they're available over in their webshop.SourceFrom the release:At long last the 28mm Steampunk Inspired Artillery kits, w
Graven Games takes a look at the Gatling Gun and Light Gun Carriage made by Curious Constructs. Are these the right Gatling guns for your needs?From the review:Welcome to today’s review of a 28mm hero
Curious constructs keeps your little mans safe from enemy fire with their new Sandbag Barricade terrain set.
Graven Games has another of their reviews up. This one's for Curious Constructs' Iron Horse Bike kit.From the review:Welcome to today’s review which features the Iron Horse Bike, a 28mm heroically-sca
Curious Constructs has only 3 days left on their Kickstarter project, but they're still going strong and showing off more 3D renders.From the update:Another day, another update! Yet again I've been am
Curious Constructs has updated their 28mm Steampunk Artillery Kickstarter campaign, having gone past 6x what they were originally hoping for in funding.From the update:We've been blown away by the res
Curious Constructs has launched a Kickstarter in order to fund new steampunk-inspired heavy weapons and they've been successful! So it's stretch goals for the next 28 days.From the campaign:When faced
Curious Constructs gets on their hog and rides with the release of their new Iron Horse Bikes.From the release:Curious Constructs is very pleased to release our first resin kit, a 28mm heroically scal
Curious Constructs released 3 new sets of heads with which to customize your minis with. Make yours stand out from the crowd!From the release:Curious Constructs is very pleased to release the first of
Curious Constructs has a new set of bits available for you that run the gamut from cavalry legs to heavy laser rifles. Check 'em out.From the update:As well as a big restock, Curious Constructs are ve
Curious Constructs gives you some new ways to keep your troops safe from enemy fire with two new barricade sets.From the release:Curious Constructs is proud to now be stocking resin terrain from Lucky
Curious Constructs Miniatures has their first releases ever! They're torsos and a cavalry conversion kit. Check out this new company.From them to you:Curious Constructs has made available its first fe