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Crystal Brush Awards

Crystal Brush brings together some of the best painters from all over the world to compete for the coveted Crystal Brush trophy (as well as, you know $10k in prize money to the winner). Watch the awards ceremony over on our TGN YouTube channel... or just embedded below. Your choice.

Adepticon had a lot more going on than just painting and gaming. Love was also found for a young couple.

From the video:

Along with all the other excitement of Adepticon, one major event was the engagement of Lisa Stankavich and Brian Sobb.
Lisa found something extra in her Swag Bag and hey, Brian placed over in Crystal Brush. It was quite a weekend, all-around, for the happy couple.

Crystal Brush will have their finals at Adepticon. Do you have your piece ready?

And remember, if you don't make it to Adepticon, you can get started on next year's road to the Crystal Brush at the CoolMiniOrNot Expo.

From the update:

In one week, seven short days, we will be accepting miniatures from all over the world to enter in the prestigious 2013 Crystal Brush Finals in Chicago, Illinois at the Adepticon game convention. There will be entries from all over the world being put under the limelight, and thanks to our direct connection with the esteemed Ravage Magazine US, many of the greatest pieces will not only win trophies and cash prizes… but will also find themselves published in glossy detail in its pages soon enough.

Crystal Brush and all of its sponsors are eager to see what sorts of miniatures will soon be joining the ranks of the past years’ winners. We are looking forward to showing the world the kinds of miniatures that can be called Crystal Brush Winners – especially the $10,000 Best in Show!

We hope to see you there!

Crystal Brush is coming to an end soon at Adepticon. Didn't get in on the qualifiers? That's fine, you can come to the CoolMiniOrNot Expo the next month and get your first chance to be qualified for next year.

From the announcement:

Even though the 2013 Crystal Brush Finals are not quite done yet, Cool Mini or Not is already getting geared up for the new 2014 season for the esteemed Crystal Brush miniature painting competition! Hot on the heels of the big 2013 final event in April, Cool Mini or Not is hosting the first Road to Crystal Brush 2014 Qualifying event at their debut gaming convention – The Cool Mini or Not Expo over May 17th, 18th and 19th!

Come out to the show and bring your best and most skillfully painted pieces, pit them against other hopeful pieces, and possibly come out on top to win some great prizes…even airfare to the 2014 Crystal Brush Finals!!!!

Enrique Velasco wants to get to the Crystal Brush Challenge in Chicago and only you are able to help get him there. Or that is to say, you are the ones who are going to be able for him to make it there, as his project has funded.
I thought this was pretty interesting, hence it's here.

From the campaign:

The Crystal Brush Awards are a fantastic opportunity for anyone who is professionally involved in the world of miniature painting. Unfortunately, the trip to Chicago from Spain carries an economic effort hardly acceptable for me. Air tickets and stay cost came close to $1300.

For this reason I am asking for your help to support me and my adventure in this year´s Awards, and why not, try to win any of the grand prizes kindly provided by CoolMiniOrNot and the Crystal Brush sponsors.

In return, I offer you the opportunity to get some rewards that I am sure will be very interesting, most of them focus on learning about miniature painting.

I can´t yet reveal nothing about my two projects in competition, but I can say something: Will be awesome!!. One will be a diorama based in the zombie world with several 70 Mm. figures, and the other will have two 90 Mm. Orc figures, based on the Warhammer 40k. universe.

Crystal Brush has an announcement about their qualifying event at the NOVA Open.

From the article:

So, the fine folks out at the NOVA Open will be hosting a miniature artistry competition at which we have decided to invite one lucky winner – the Best in Show – out to the 2013 Crystal Brush Competition!

If you fancy yourself a miniature artiste and are out in the Arlington, Virginia on the weekend of August 30th to September 2nd… grab one or more of your best works and give it a shot!

The Crystal Brush continues their qualifying events. The next will be at the Golden Throne Grand Tournament.

The Golden Throne Grand Tournament, which will be held in San Jose, California on August 4-5, 2012, will be the first major tournament in the United States to implement the brand-new Warhammer 40,000 Sixth Edition rules.

This event will feature up to 200 players battle over two days for control of the Emperor of Mankind’s Golden Throne, in a format which rewards strong play against strong opponents. The goal of the Golden Throne Grand Tournament is to bring the best possible Warhammer 40,000 event to the West Coast through top-notch competition, terrain, and a big emphasis on fun and making new friends.

Every player who enters the Grand Tournament can enter the Crystal Brush Qualifier event, sponsored by Cool Mini or Not and Heroes on Paper, for free! The Crystal Brush Qualifier event, which is also open to the general public, will allow painters to show off their hard work and win massive prizes — including free airfare to the Crystal Brush Competition at Adepticon in Chicago!

The Crystal Brush has ended for this year, but they've already started to get qualifying contestants together for next year's contest. Check out the first two qualifiers.

From the website:

We at Cool Mini or Not and the Crystal Brush have been very busy lately, but as it seems…no rest for the wicked! The ink is barely dry on the checks we wrote for the winners at the 2012 Crystal Brush and we are already taking down the names of the amazing miniature artists who are out there qualifying for travel to the Crystal Brush 2013 Competition!

So far, we have two fantastic qualifiers for Crystal Brush 2013!

The 2nd annual Crystal Brush is over, and winners announced!

1st - Gea - Jose Palomares
2nd - Any Problem? - Diego Esteban
3rd - Steam Dreams of Wonderland - Sebastian Archer

See all the entries here:

For videos of the prize ceremony and interviews with the winners, hit this link.

Midnight to noon, vote on the Crystal Brush!

Crystal Brush

Some amazing entries for our 2nd annual $10,000 grand prize painting competition, where your vote counts for 50% of the overall score, with our judge Raul Latorre (of Enigma Miniatures) and Cinematic / Special Effects category judge Romeo Filip (of Battlefoam)!

Make sure you get your votes in before CST noon on Sunday!  Only registered users in good standing allowed to vote!
The Crystal Brush Awards are happening right now at Adepticon. The entries are in and are about to be judged and you can help decide who wins. Check out their website for full details on registering to vote.

Well, it is past noon on Saturday, April 21st…which means all the Crystal Brush 2012 entries are in and we have begun the process of getting them ready for judging – both by our head judge Raul Latorre and the Cool Mini or Not registered voters online.

There are some VERY good pieces in the running this year, and we cannot wait to see what you all think about them. Stay tuned to , get registered to vote, and help decide who is going to walk away with $10,000.

Crystal Brush has the next in their interview series. This time, it's head judge for the competition Raul Garcia Latorre.

With Adepticon and the Crystal Brush competition right around the corner, we saved a special interview in our “Road to Crystal Brush” series for last – the Head Judge for 2012 Crystal Brush, Raul Garcia Latorre. An amazing miniature artist from all the way over in Spain, Raul is coming out to Chicago to be the deciding factor where it comes to who walks away with a great deal of money.

The Crystal Brush painting competition is always trying to push the bounds of what their contestants can do. With that, they've got a new category for 2012.

From the Crystal Brush:

Crystal Brush is right around the corner, and we are so excited to see all of the entries in the various categories being supported this year…many of which by our esteemed Sponsors. Some of these categories are specific to a company’s products, but one category – a new one for 2012 – is sponsored by a well known company in the gaming industry that does not sell miniatures at all. Battle Foam.

Supporting the Crystal Brush 2012 at a Diamond Level, Battle Foam brings a new category to our contest: The “Tell Me a Story” Category.
Crystal Brush has another interview for you. Go read all about it!

Today we are talking to Peter Bell, the Crystal Brush Qualifier who won Best in Show out at Salute in the UK, asking for his thoughts and opinions about his part of the Crystal Brush experience so you might be able to join him on the winners’ stage someday!

The Crystal Brush gives us their next interview.
The Road to the Crystal Brush continues…

Always interested in how the miniature artists that have already risen to the top of various conventions around the world feel about their victories and how they arrived at them, we at Cool Mini or Not have been tracking down the qualifying winners and asking them their thoughts.

Today we are talking to Grant Garvin, the Crystal Brush Qualifier who won Best in Show out at Templecon in Rhode Island, asking for his thoughts and wisdom about his part of the Crystal Brush experience so we could share it with you all…

Crystal Brush sits down and has an interview with Sebastian Archer, Auscon painting champion.
The Road to the Crystal Brush continues…

We at Cool Mini or Not are always interested in knowing the ins and outs of what sets the stage for the Crystal Brush grand event at Adepticon, especially the thoughts and interests of the miniature artists that have already risen to the top of various conventions around the world.

Today we are looking at Sebastian Archer, the Crystal Brush Qualifier who won Best in Show out at Auscon in far away Australia, getting some of his thoughts and insights into his part of the Crystal Brush experience…

Crystal Brush is a great competition and they wanted to give a "thank you" to all that have been involved.

From their hearts:

It takes a lot of planning, manpower and frankly funds to make something as amazing as the Crystal Brush competition happen. Those of us at Cool Mini or Not can really only do so much to put something this big and fabulous together each year… the rest is due to our long list of amazing sponsors.

Chest of Colors announces the winner of Hussar 2011, painting contest:

From thier announcement:

As most of you must know already, CoolMiniOrNot generously sponsored the award for the overall winner of Hussar 2011 miniature painting contest. The winner will get a return flight ticket to the Crystal Brush painting contest.

And now we know the winner!

Hussar 2011 took place on October 22nd and the winner is Maciej "Flameon" Banasik, who will represent Poland and the Chest of Colors Painting Studio at Crystal Brush.

To see pictures and read the Hussar 2011 report, visit Chest of Colors.
RHQ-TV have posted their Crystal Brush Awards broadcast episode taken at the recent Adepticon. From their announcement:
Crystal Brush is a painting competition run by CoolMiniOrNot and was held at Adepticon in Chicago this year. RHQ-TV capture the interviews, awards ceremony and footage of every winning miniature in this broadcast.