Crystal Brush Winners Announced

Adepticon has many fine tournaments and contests that take place over the course of the show. But only one of them gives away $10k to the winner. That’s the Crystal Brush Awards, the culmination of a year-long painting contest process that ends up in Chicago. Well, the overall winners have been announced, and we’re here to give them to you.
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Salute 2017 Painting Contest Announced

Arguably the biggest painting contest of the year is the Crystal Brush awards that have their finals every March during Adepticon. If you’d like to get free travel to the show, you can do so by winning one of the qualifying events that are held throughout the year. Salute is having a Crystal Brush Qualifier event, and they’ve posted up the details.
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Crystal Brush Awards Ceremony and Interview Videos Posted

This past Sunday at Adepticon, the Crystal Brush Award were handed out. Painters from all over the world submitted their entries, all with the hopes of being the one to go home with the $10,000 top prize. We’ve already posted up the winners, but now we’ve got the video coverage from the awards ceremony as well. Plus, there’s interviews with the three overall winners.
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Crystal Brush Awards Winners Announced

Well, it’s been a long road. Crystal Brush Qualifiers have been held. World-renown painters have submitted their pieces. The judges and you have had your say. It’s now time to reveal the winners for this year’s Crystal Brush Awards.
And the winners are *drumroll…….*
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Online Voting for Crystal Brush Awards Now Open

As you saw in my gallery the other day, there’s a lot of fantastic models in the Crystal Brush this year (the cases filled up a lot since then). Every entry is absolutely awesome, but only one will be able to take home the grand prize. And you can have a help in deciding which model that will be.
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Photos From Crystal Brush Awards

One of the big draws to Adepticon is the Crystal Brush Awards. Every year, painters from all over the world gather together in order to try and get the $10k grand prize. I elbowed my way through a crowd in order to get you some photos of some of the entries submitted so far.
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New Update Posted For CMON Expo

We’re less than 2 months away from CMON Expo 2016. Things are really starting to get busy over here. Lots of buzz around the office as preparations are solidified. Being Friday, it’s time once more for an Expo Update. This time around we’ve got info about a new contest, a new event, and a new guest.
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Crystal Brush Ceremony And Winner Interview Videos Posted

Crystal Brush is one of the biggest painting competitions of the entire year. Painters from all over the world work long and hard to create their masterpieces that they hope will net them $10k in prize money. You can check out all the winners in all the categories here, in case you missed it. Well, now we’ve got the awards ceremony video, as well as video interviews with the winners. Check them out below the cut.

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Adepticon Day 4 and Crystal Brush Ceremony Photos

Adepticon is here and gone. I hope everyone had a great time and everyone made it back safe. The only thing is that it seems Con Crud is going around the office now. Here’s to hoping I miss out on catching it as people make it back into the office.

Anyway, we’ve got the final batch of photos from the show, including photos from the Crystal Brush Awards Ceremony (video will be up soon as well).

Go have yourself a look-see.


Crystal Brush 2015 Award Winners

On Sunday, March 22 at Adepticon 2015, painters and fans of the hobby gathered around for the fifth annual Crystal Brush Awards. The first place winner walked away with $10,000, second with $2,000 and third with $1,000. Doing what you love can really pay off! So who won big? Check out the winners after the break. Continue reading

Crystal Brush 2015 Awards Voting Now Open (Updated)

The fifth annual Crystal Brush Awards are now open for voting! This celebration of talent in the world of miniature painting gives equal choice to users and judges. So don’t miss your chance to see some of the hobby’s best talent in action and award them for it. Winners will be revealed at the Adepticon awards ceremony later today.

Head here to place your  votes!

Update: Voting looks like it is closed, but you can still check out all the great entries right here.

Capital Palette painting contest at NOVA Open

NOVA Open is coming up this weekend. They’ve got lots of events as well as the Capital Palette painting contest, which is a qualifier for the Crystal Brush. Will you be there?

Nova Open

NOVA Open Website
Crystal Brush Announcement

From them to you:

Capital Palette 2014 is coming up this Labor Day Weekend, 28-31 August, at the NOVA Open gaming convention in Washington, D.C.

Capital Palette is a qualifier event for the Crystal Brush. The Best in Show winner receives a prize package which includes his or her choice of $100 in CMON store merchandise, or round-trip airfare to compete at the Crystal Brush Awards 2015 at the Adepticon gaming convention in Chicago, where you can compete for the Crystal Brush $10,000 top prize!
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Road to Crystal Brush: Hussar 2014

The Crystal Brush has qualifiers in more than just the US. Hussar 2014, in Warsaw, will be another chance for free transport to the finals at next year’s Adepticon.



From the announcement:

We’re pleased to announce that the Hussar painting competition will again be a Crystal Brush Qualifier for 2015! Hussar is now in its 5th year, and has been attracting top level painters and miniature enthusiasts from all around Europe. The entrant judged Best in Show will receive, among other prize support, his or her choice of $100 in CMoN store merchandise credit or round-trip airfare to compete at the 2015 Crystal Brush Awards in Chicago, Illinois!

Hussar will be held October 18 and 19, in Warsaw, Poland. Along with the main painting competition, there will be hobby workshops, speed painting, and the very popular, if unofficial, after-party! Details about registration and entering the competition can be found on the website.

Road to Crystal Brush: The Bay Area Open

Crystal Brush posted an article talking about another of the qualifiers for this round of the Crystal Brush awards.



From the post:

Greetings, miniature fans, we’re pleased to announce that the Bay Area Open Painting Competition will be a Crystal Brush qualifier again this year! We’ve seen some fantastic models from this convention in past years and are looking forward to the results. The overall grand prize winner will receive his or her choice of $100 in CoolMiniOrNot store merchandise credit, or round trip airfare to compete at the 2015 Crystal Brush Awards in Chicago, Illinois.

Bay Area Open 2014 will be held July 26th and 27th, in San Jose, California, hosted by Frontline Gaming. The weekend will be filled with Warhammer 40K, Warmachine, Hordes, and Warzone events, plus hobby seminars with multiple award winning painter Caleb Wissenback. Painting competition details will be posted on the BAO site shortly. If you’ll be in the area, check it out!

First sponsor for 2015 Crystal Brush announced

Crystal Brush has announced that the first official sponsor for their 2015 awards is Terrible Kid’s Stuff.



From the announcement:

We’re proud to announce our first sponsor for the 2015 Crystal Brush Awards. Sergeant BlackArt’s Terrible Kids Stuff will be a Diamond Level sponsor, with the option to create a special award category. This relatively new Italian company produces eye-catching, unusual limited edition models in a variety of scales. With some of the world’s best concept artists, sculptors, and painters on the team, Terrible Kids Stuff is rapidly adding new dimensions to our hobby. Stay tuned for details on Terrible Kids’ participation in Crystal Brush!

Crystal Brush 2015 Finals announcement

Crystal Brush has posted up the details for the finals to be held at Adepticon 2015.

Crystal Brush logo


From the announcement:

Join us from March 19th to the 22nd for the biggest AdeptiCon yet! We’re excited to be holding the Crystal Brush Awards in a new and larger venue, the Renaissance Schaumburg Convention Center. More space, more games, more food, more fun! The AdeptiCon hotel block is open for booking now, and event registration is expected to open in November.

The Crystal Brush Awards for 2015 will take place over this weekend, with entry submission opening on Thursday, March 19, and closing at noon on Saturday, March 21. Competition categories, rules, and judging/voting procedures have all been updated for 2015 on this site. There are a few minor changes from previous years, so please check these pages if you’re thinking about submitting entries.

We look forward to seeing everyone–especially all our qualifier winners–in March. Watch some of the best modelers in the world compete for the $10,000 grand prize!

Crystal Brush info update for Origins

Origins is this weekend and Crystal Brush will be there.
They’ve updated the information page to show entry and award times while at the show.



From the website:

Entries may be submitted Thursday and Friday from 12 p.m. to 5 p.m., and Saturday from 12 p.m. to 3 p.m. Winners will be announced on Sunday, June 15, at 1 p.m. Full rules and competition categories are given below. We hope to see you there!

Road to the Crystal Brush goes through Washington

Nova Open will be one of the qualifiers for the Crystal Brush. Be sure to make your way to Washington, DC. this August for your chance to qualify.

Nova Open


From the announcement:

NOVA Open has grown in just a few years to be the biggest wargaming convention in the Washington, D.C. area. We’re happy to announce that for 2014, their art competition, the Capital Palette, will continue as a Crystal Brush Qualifier. The Best in Show winner will receive a prize package which includes his or her choice of $100 in CMON store merchandise, or round-trip airfare to compete at the Crystal Brush Awards 2015 in Chicago!

NOVA Open will be held August 28-31, in Arlington, VA. Full details, including registration and hotel information, can be found at NOVA Open’s main site

Crystal Brush winners posted from CMON Expo 2014

CMON Expo was one of the first places a painter could qualify for free travel to the Crystal Brush finals next year at Adepticon.
Check out the winners from the event.

1st place


From the post:

CoolMiniOrNot Expo’s second year was a blast, and with it we start down the road to Crystal Brush 2015. Here’s a quick look at the top three winners from this year’s painting competition.

Rhonda Bender took first place with her Fantasy Single entry from Minx Studio, entitled ‘Maybe I Should Have Bought Some Armor.’ She also won a plane ticket to compete at the 2015 Crystal Brush Awards in Chicago!

3 New Qualifiers announced for Crystal Brush

Crystal Brush has announced the next 3 qualifiers. Win there and get a free ticket to Adepticon next year for the finals.

Crystal Brush


The next events will be:

CoolMiniOrNot Expo: May 23-25, Atlanta, GA.
KublaCon: May 23-26, San Francisco, CA.
Dropzone Games: June 7-8, Glen Burnie, MD.

Crystal Brush Bronze Winner 2014 interview

Crystal Brush was a major event at Adepticon, with over 100 world-class entries. Here’s the post-awards-ceremony interview with Bronze overall winner, Jeramie Bonamant.
I was actually off to the side, typing up the results for the site, while the video was being recorded.


Crystal Brush Awards photo gallery

Crystal Brush contains some of the greatest painted minis of all included in their rolls every year. Go check out all the photos from this year’s entrants.


From CoolMiniOrNot:

Cool Mini is back from Adepticon, and we’d like to congratulate the winner of the 2014 Crystal Brush Finals, Marike Reimer for her entry, Kraken’s Mistress!

Thank you to everyone who participated for their incredible work! For the complete list of all of this year’s winners, head on over to CoolMiniOrNot.

Final photo post from Adepticon 2014

Adepticon was a great time. I got to meet and hang out with a lot of really awesome people (from Larry from Spud Tate to celebrity concept artist Heath “BA” Foley). I look forward to going back next year.


This set includes the Siege of Ft. Retribution, the Crystal Brush awards ceremony, the finals for the 40k Show Board competition and more.

Are your painting skills worth $10k?

Adepticon is coming up and along with it are the Crystal Brush finals. Qualifiers have been going on since last year. Painters the world over will be converging on Chicago to see who gets to win the $10k grand prize.


From CoolMiniOrNot, the sponsor of the contest:

CoolMiniOrNot will be at Adepticon this upcoming weekend, April 3rd-6th, in Chicago, IL! Come meet us at our booth, and demo some of our latest and upcoming games. This convention we will be hosting both our Sedition Wars: Lights Out and Zombicide: Prison Breakout events. We look forward to seeing you there!

Adepticon this weekend will also be the location of the 2014 Crystal Brush Awards Finals! The Crystal Brush Awards celebrate the fantastic and fascinating hobby of miniature painting.

The top three overall winners will each receive a cash prize of $10,000, $2,000, and $1,000 respectively. With the largest cash prize in the hobby world today, and beautiful trophies for all winners, Crystal Brush is rapidly becoming the event for miniatures enthusiasts everywhere!

Templecon Crystal Brush winners posted

Crystal Brush had a qualifier over last weekend at Templecon. Well, they’ve posted up the photos of the winners.
Full gallery here.
Comparatively, my models look like I painted them with a paintball marker from 100yds away.


From the post:

We had a wonderful turnout at this year’s TempleCon! We’re pleased to announce that the overall winner form TempleCon 2014 is Guillaume “Yaum” Juneau’s Mountain King! As a winner Yaum has earned a trip to Adepticon 2015! We can’t wait to see what he has to bring! Check out the other winning miniatures here!

Hussar posts up their painting contest winners

Hussar 2013 is showing off the winners of their painting contest. There’s some really beautiful minis in the set. You should all go check them out.


From the post:

The winner of H2013 is Stefan Johnsson (from Sweden!). This editon was more ‘international’ than ever 🙂 We had painters from Germany, Slovakia, Russia and Sweden and lot of polish painters of course. Level of competition was very high. Total quantity of entries – 114 (comparing to edition 2012 +40 entries more:).
Here you can find gallery with nice photos of winning and honourable mention entries

Crystal Brush posts up next two chances to qualify for finals

Crystal Brush lets you know where you can go to become one of the finalists for the Crystal Brush competition next year.

From the update:

We at Crystal Brush are always so happy to know the world of miniature artistry is talking about us, and we are always glad to know when another prestigious painting event is gearing up to show some great works of art! A lot of these events take place at bigger conventions, trade shows or gaming gatherings around the globe. When one of these events qualifies for a little extra attention and works with us and our sponsors, we call these events…

…The Road to the Crystal Brush!

Today we are happy to announce not one but TWO future events that have applied and qualify as Road to Crystal Brush events – The 2014 Feast of Blades, and the 2014 Las Vegan Open!

Kublacon 2013 posts up Crystal Brush Awards photo album

Kublacon held a Crystal Brush contest during the show. They’ve posted up an album of the entries as well as the winners.

From the announcement:

I have the album posted now for the KublaAwards.
David Diamondstone is the overall winner and Crystal Brush Qualifier.

Crystal Brush Qualifier at CoolMiniOrNot Expo

CoolMiniOrNot Expo is coming up this weekend (as if I’d let you forget). We’ll be running a lot of events, including the first qualifier to the Crystal Brush finals next year at Adepticon.

From the update:

Later this week the Cool Mini or Not family is hosting their first annual Cool Mini or Not Expo in Atlanta, Georgia! Don’t forget that it will be here at the Expo that we at Crystal Brush will be hosting our first Road to Crystal Brush Qualifier event for the 2014 Crystal Brush finals!

Take a second and hop on over to the website and register to attend… and take your first shot to be flown out to the Crystal Brush Finals in 2014!

Don’t miss your chance to attend the great show AND win some airfare with your amazing miniature artistry while you’re there!

Good luck!

Watch the Crystal Brush Awards Ceremony from Adepticon 2013

Crystal Brush brings together some of the best painters from all over the world to compete for the coveted Crystal Brush trophy (as well as, you know $10k in prize money to the winner). Watch the awards ceremony over on our TGN YouTube channel… or just embedded below. Your choice.