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Crystal Brush Awards

Adepticon has many fine tournaments and contests that take place over the course of the show. But only one of them gives away $10k to the winner. That's the Crystal Brush Awards, the culmination of a
Arguably the biggest painting contest of the year is the Crystal Brush awards that have their finals every March during Adepticon. If you'd like to get free travel to the show, you can do so by winnin
This past Sunday at Adepticon, the Crystal Brush Award were handed out. Painters from all over the world submitted their entries, all with the hopes of being the one to go home with the $10,000 top pr
Well, it's been a long road. Crystal Brush Qualifiers have been held. World-renown painters have submitted their pieces. The judges and you have had your say. It's now time to reveal the winners for t
As you saw in my gallery the other day, there's a lot of fantastic models in the Crystal Brush this year (the cases filled up a lot since then). Every entry is absolutely awesome, but only one will be
One of the big draws to Adepticon is the Crystal Brush Awards. Every year, painters from all over the world gather together in order to try and get the $10k grand prize. I elbowed my way through a cro
We're less than 2 months away from CMON Expo 2016. Things are really starting to get busy over here. Lots of buzz around the office as preparations are solidified. Being Friday, it's time once more fo
Crystal Brush is one of the biggest painting competitions of the entire year. Painters from all over the world work long and hard to create their masterpieces that they hope will net them $10k in priz
Adepticon is here and gone. I hope everyone had a great time and everyone made it back safe. The only thing is that it seems Con Crud is going around the office now. Here's to hoping I miss out on cat
On Sunday, March 22 at Adepticon 2015, painters and fans of the hobby gathered around for the fifth annual Crystal Brush Awards. The first place winner walked away with $10,000, second with $2,000 and
The fifth annual Crystal Brush Awards are now open for voting! This celebration of talent in the world of miniature painting gives equal choice to users and judges. So don't miss your chance to see so
NOVA Open is coming up this weekend. They've got lots of events as well as the Capital Palette painting contest, which is a qualifier for the Crystal Brush. Will you be there?NOVA Open WebsiteCrystal
Crystal Brush posted an article talking about another of the qualifiers for this round of the Crystal Brush awards.SourceFrom the post:Greetings, miniature fans, we’re pleased to announce that the Bay
Crystal Brush has announced that the first official sponsor for their 2015 awards is Terrible Kid's Stuff.SourceFrom the announcement:We’re proud to announce our first sponsor for the 2015 Crystal Bru
Crystal Brush has posted up the details for the finals to be held at Adepticon 2015.SourceFrom the announcement:Join us from March 19th to the 22nd for the biggest AdeptiCon yet! We’re excited to be
Origins is this weekend and Crystal Brush will be there.They've updated the information page to show entry and award times while at the show.SourceFrom the website:Entries may be submitted Thursday an
Nova Open will be one of the qualifiers for the Crystal Brush. Be sure to make your way to Washington, DC. this August for your chance to qualify.SourceFrom the announcement:NOVA Open has grown in jus
Crystal Brush had a qualifier over last weekend at Templecon. Well, they've posted up the photos of the winners.Full gallery here.Comparatively, my models look like I painted them with a paintball mar
Hussar 2013 is showing off the winners of their painting contest. There's some really beautiful minis in the set. You should all go check them out.SourceFrom the post:The winner of H2013 is Stefan Joh
Crystal Brush lets you know where you can go to become one of the finalists for the Crystal Brush competition next year.From the update:We at Crystal Brush are always so happy to know the world of min
Kublacon held a Crystal Brush contest during the show. They've posted up an album of the entries as well as the winners.From the announcement:I have the album posted now for the KublaAwards.David Diam
CoolMiniOrNot Expo is coming up this weekend (as if I'd let you forget). We'll be running a lot of events, including the first qualifier to the Crystal Brush finals next year at Adepticon.From the upd
Crystal Brush gives $10,000 to the grand prize winner. So if you ever wanted to see an interview with someone who just won $10k, here's what it looks like.
Crystal Brush brought together painters with all different styles they use in creating their masterpieces. In this interview, Raffaele Picca talks a bit about some of his process.
Crystal Brush is truly an international competition. See the interview with 1st runner up Enrique Vezasco Sanchez.