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Cryptozoic Entertainment

At this point, the length of the name is part of the joke. But Cryptozoic has launched their Kickstarter campaign for Epic Spell Wars of the Battle Wizards: ANNIHILAGEDDON 2 — XTREME NACHO LEGENDS. Wa
Cryptozoic once again proves that they're the kings of the longest game names ever as they've announced the prelaunch Kickstarter page is live for Epic Spell Wars of the Battle Wizards: ANNIHILAGEDDON
Your wish has been granted. The new WW84 Card Game is now available from Cryptozoic. Grab your armored tiara and lasso of truth and head out there to save the world.
Gotham's got bad weather, a ton of supervillains, and a police force that's either stretched too thin, entirely inept, or horrifically corrupt, depending on the day of the week. That leaves just one p
Cryptozoic Games has launched a Kickstarter campaign for a trio of retro-style card games using the artwork of Steven Rhodes. If you're looking for some quick, quirky, fun games to toss in your gaming
The international world of espionage is a high-stakes game of cat and mouse. Spyfest isn't so high-stakes, but it is still about international espionage. A spy has dressed up as a famous person, infil
High school. Even if it was decades ago, many of us can remember it just like it was yesterday. The social cliques. The classes. The various events like dance and football games. And, of course, the b
Let's begin with some appropriate music. (well, appropriate for the story. Maybe not for work. It's YouTube, but still, I don't need anyone in trouble over a link :P ) Better. Now, Cryptozoic is bring
The battle of the bands is once more happening during the Beach-a-Palooza, and Steven has a plan to win. He's going to bring in Stevens from all different timelines to front different bands. How will
Steven Universe. It's a beloved cartoon that taught a lot of really hard lessons while still being incredibly entertaining. And while they tackled hard-hitting issues in the show, soon, you'll be able
So, we're all supposed to still be staying home right now. Can't really go out and have an adventure. Thankfully, we can live vicariously through our board games. And Cryptozoic is helping. They have
Yes, it's a big weekend for virtual conventions. Cryptozoic Con is happening this weekend. Starting tomorrow at Noon Pacific, you can see all the cool things Cryptozoic has been working on. They've go
Cryptozoic Con is happening next week. Want to get some cool exclusives? Get sneak peeks of what's coming up? Possibly win some cool swag? It can happen! What's that? You can't leave your house? That'
Your home (hopefully). I'm home. Everybody at home. Many people have the opportunity to get some gaming in. Cryptozoic would like it if you made it some of their games. They've expanded their sale wit
We're all doing our party to practice social isolation. If you can work from home (like me), hopefully you are. You're probably not going out as often as you might otherwise. But if you're stuck at ho
In many games, we vicariously place ourselves inside the game and become one with it in a metaphoric sense. In the case of this contest from Cryptozoic, it can be much more direct. They're looking to
Cryptozoic and Cartoon Network have another Rick and Morty-themed game coming out for you. This time, it's The Morty Zone Dice Game. Players will take turns rolling the dice and checking off numbers o
A new Crossover Pack is coming next week for the DC Deck-Building Game. It's a character that a lot of people are incredibly intrigued by: Batman Ninja. Players can take on the role of Batman, Catwoma
Good lord, Gen Con is just a couple days away. Hell, some of you may be on your way to Indy already. For those that'll be here, Cryptozoic has posted up what you can expected over in their booth, with
Gen Con's a great opportunity to get some advance-release copies of games into player's hands before the general release. That's just what Cryptozoic is doing with Spyfall: Time Travel. They will have
With the DC Deck-Building Game: Rebirth set coming out in just a couple days, Cryptozoic wanted to let you know about how the game works. For those coming to the system for the first time, you'll see
And the winner of the longest name for a game goes to Cryptozoic Entertainment with Epic Spell Wars of the Battle Wizards: ANNIHILAGEDDON Deck-Building Game. That mouthful of a titled game will be mak
All good things must come to an end, but that doesn't mean they're over. There can be a new beginning for them, and that's what we've got here. Just like comic universes sometimes rebooth, the same is
Crytpozoic is going all-in with their new Gryphon card game engine. Their new Rick & Morty game uses it. And their Challenge of the Superfriends game will use it, too. Though, in their case, playe
Cryptozoic has a new Rick & Morty card game on the horizon. It's called Look Who's Purging Now and it uses their Gryphon game engine, letting players act simultaneously to rack up kills during the