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I think it's time to blow this scene. Get everybody and their stuff together. Ok. 3, 2, 1. Let's jam. Well, it's not quite time to jam yet, but it will be soon as Mana Project Studio and Don't Panic G
Shipwrecked on a lonely island. Or... is it so lonely, after all? How will you manage and search through this new land? That's up to you to decide in Secrets of the Vibrant Isle, a new, solo RPG that'
Kolossal Games is running a Kickstarter for Lost Empires, their new card game that includes elements of deck construction, combat, dice rolling, and area control.
"Hollywood isn't making any good movies anymore! I could do better than the stuff they're putting out!" Well, if you think that, it's time to put your money where your mouth is in Roll Camera. And not
There's a lot of different ways to cope with how things have worked in the last almost 2 years. For Jason Anarchy, he's created a fun game about death. It's called Reap and it puts you in the role of
Don't Cross Me! is a new card game up on Kickstarter. Play cards onto the ever-growing structure in the center of the table, but be careful of Devious plays from your opponents as they look to play of
Goldenstar is the Galactic Empress' favorite buddy-cop movie. And hey, when you're Empress, you can pretty much do what you want. As such, she's organized a tournament every 5 years in honor of the mo
And welcome to Thursday (ok, so Thursday's already half-over, but still). The week's moving itself right on along. And though it's felt like each day has been slow (for me, at least), the whole week i
Pre-made adventures make the life of a GM so much easier. They can just make a few tweaks to make sure it fits their particular game and they're ready to get going. Smunchy Games has created just such
Looking to add horror elements to your RPG? The Dark Histories Volume I: Corrupted Flesh can certainly help. It's a series of 14 interconnected Adventures to send your players on, all with deep themes
If you're playing or read about Dungeons & Dragons 5th edition and just want... more... then this might be the Kickstarter for you. It's for Level Up: Advanced 5th Edition and it takes the rules m
Look. You just want to have your dungeon, get your hoard of gold, have your monster friends hanging out, but those darned heroes keep ruining all the fun. Best to try and keep them out. That's the goa
Excited about the upcoming Resident Evil: The Board Game Kickstarter campaign from Steamforged? I'm guessing the answer is, "Hell yeah!" Then you'll want to check out this new article they've posted.
Red Dragon Inn has adventurers looking to divvy up and spend all the loot they got while out on an adventure. But what adventure did they go on? That's what you can figure out in Tales from the Red Dr
It's not your standard RPG Adventure with Just Dessert. It's a new D&D adventure to bring characters from 1st to 8th level that's up on Kickstarter now. But even that's not all that different. The
Can you tell a good story? It's not as easy as you might think. And if you want to be crowned Master Storyteller at the yearly storytelling contest, you're going to have to do more than just tell of t
Sure, Tarot decks can be used in divination practices, but that's not all they're good for, as proven by The Red Opera, a new tarot deck of endless possibilities up on Kickstarter. It's a tarot deck.
Friday! Woo! Wednesday took an eternity. Yesterday wasn't too bad. Just gotta get through today and we'll be back to the weekend. You know I'm ready. And to keep the energy up, let's nosh on some bite
Explore. Expand. Exploit. Exterminate. Those are the 4 Xs (I guess, technically, Exes) that you'll be dealing with in Voidfall, a new board game about space exploration and conquest from Mindclash Gam
Cosmic phenomenon. Unexplored planets. Resource-filled asteroids. Dangerous anomalies. There's plenty of adventure to be had out in deep space. And that's exactly where you're headed in Drop Drive, a
"Artists are only appreciated after they're dead." It's a cliche that even Pink & The Brain did a parody of. Soon, you'll be able to relive that tragic life yourself with Artistes Miserables, a ne
On October 5th, Japanime Games will be launching a Gamefound campaign for Heiki Strike Alternative, their new tactical card game. Spirits have been showing up on Earth, ready to do battle. It's up to
"If at first you don't succeed, try, try again." Good motto for life. Don't let a first setback entirely derail your plans. And that's what the folks behind Daimyo Senso are doing up on Kickstarter. T
In charge of a D&D game but just not feeling the motivation? There's a book up on Kickstarter to help. It's The Lazy DM's Companion and it's got all sorts of tools to help games run faster as well
Three new books will be making their way to Kickstarter soon. They're the next three books for the Iron Kingdoms RPG. They'll take the focus away from the specifically human nations and head out more