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It was the thirteenth hour of the thirteenth day of the thirteenth month. "Lousy Smarch weather!" Ok, that reference aside, The Thirteenth Hour is a horror RPG adventure that's up on Kickstarter now.
Just about every bored gamer, at some point, has started stacking their dice, looking to see how tall a column they can build. Well, Woodas turned that into a game called Moku Tower: The Endless Colum
Funko Pop! Baby Yoda
You'd think that a crystal blade would be a terrible weapon. Probably very brittle and shatter on first impact with a shield. But you have to remember that this is a fantasy world. At least, it is in
There's many different folklore traditions throughout the world. Undying Corruption heads to the Korean peninsula for its inspiration. With plenty of unique monsters and situations, it's got a lot for
2070 . It sounds like it might be far off, but there's plenty of people alive now that will be alive then as well. Heck, I might be, if medical science keeps up a bit and some luck with my genetics. B
Metis Media has launched a Kickstarter campaign for two new D&D sourcebooks. They're Empires of the Silk Road and Herald of Rain. The former is the setting guide while the latter is the adventure
When you and your friends head to an Escape Room, you're locked in a room and have to solve various puzzles and uncover clues as to how to get out. But what if you want that from your living room? Wel
A tea party at a wealthy socialite's house... If someone wasn't mysteriously murdered, you'd probably think that something had gone wrong. That's certainly where you find yourself in Elevenses: The Gu
Thursday. We're getting ever-closer to the weekend once more. To everyone in Florida, I hope you're safe and have been able to stay dry and sustain little damage. It doesn't look like it's going to ma
Autumn is rolling in across the northern hemisphere. The leaves are changing colors and are falling from the trees, creating all sorts of patterns on the forest floor. And it's those patters that you'
DMs rejoice, there's a huge book full of NPCs, including stat blocks and more for them, plus adventures, magic items, and more up on Kickstarter now. No more NPCs all with the same voice and look all
What happens inside a computer? You might've been told that electrons zip along pathways, either open or closed by little switches. But really, each computer program is its own creature, just trying t
Looking for a new RPG for your game nights? Something a little different? Then you should check out Touched by the Gods, the new RPG from Cosy Coven that uses the Year Zero engine. This new RPG book,
Chances are good that you've played Terraforming Mars. It's a popular engine-building game. But now, Stronghold Games is bringing you that experience in a new form with Terraforming Mars: The Dice Gam
Want a simple set of rules that you can easily change to suit whatever sort of game you want to play for your RPG session? Then you'll want to check out Seekers of a New Age (Aka - Soana). It's exactl
It's game night. You're all ready to go when you start getting them... the texts. "Sorry, dude. Can't make it." "Hey, something came up. Game next week!" "Am sick. Sleeping for the next month." And yo
Slow start to Monday is a slow start. And yes, I realize it's the afternoon by now. But man, this morning... I am dragging like crazy. Don't necessarily feel sick, just very, "bluh..." Well, hopefully
<whoop! whoop! whoop!> Giant Robot Alert this time is brought to you by Core Connection, the mech-building card game. Japanime Games and Keep Dry are running a Gamefound campaign for a new core
Earth, fire, wind, water, heart... and some others. These are the classic elements of old (and also how you summon Captain Planet, but that's beside the point). If you're looking to add these to your
Spark. It's the ship with the best and most advanced AI system in the entire universe. And you're a part of her crew. You must head with your cargo to the four corners of the galaxy, but there's a lot
From a miniatures game based on comic book characters to a board game about creating comic book characters. That's what's happening in Age of Comics: The Golden Years. It's a worker placement game all
If you're looking for a bit more a free-form, open-world, sandbox-esque horror scenario for your various d100 Cthulhu games, you'll want to check out Raiders of R'lyeh: From the Tideless Sea since tha
You ever look around at the world and been like, "tsh. I could've done better." Well, Origin Immortal lets you do just that. It lets you and the rest of your group play as gods looking to create a wor
The next issue of the Grymwyrd Tales is now up on Kickstarter. It's entitled Beneath the Hole in the Floor and like the first, it's a new adventure scenario with a bit of a horror twist designed for 5
Looking for a truly epic location for your players to end up in? How about a palace with 1001 rooms? That's what you get in the very-appropriately named The Palace of 1001 Rooms supplements. Chapter 7