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The country is beset by foes of all types from every angle. Only one thing is holding them back: the witches. That's where you come in when you play The Great American Witch, a new RPG from Christophe
The heroes don't always win the first time out. They might run into a baddie that's just too tough and sends the heroes packing. But the heroes never give up. They regroup. Plan some new strategies. M
Free League Publishing is bringing the classic WWIII RPG back to your tabletops with Twilight: 2000. This game has been around for more than 30 years and it's getting an update and big release. The So
The Western Legends saga is coming to a climactic end. Kolossal Games is running a Kickstarter for Blood Money, a new expansion that not only adds new content, but adds to existing forms and brings yo
Many of you have enjoyed the Arkwright board game. However, sometimes you want that game experience but maybe with a little more streamlined play, amirite? Well, that's what Game Brewer has done with
The Campaign Mode for Massive Darkness 1 was one of the biggest areas where gamers weren't entirely satisfied with the game. For Massive Darkness 2, the designers basically scrapped the original form
We all have internal struggles we must face off against. These "inner demons" can sometimes be tough to fight off, but with luck, we can overcome. In XII: Inner Demons, those demons are much less meta
Wanderhome is a new fantasy RPG that's up on Kickstarter now. Players take on the role of animals as they travel the lengths and breaths of Hæth, going from village to village and seeing the sights al
Well, here's an interesting mix all thrown together. You've got sci-fi. You've got western. You've got a skirmish game. You've got 3D printing. It's all rolled into one in Star Scrappers: Battledrill,
Thursday already? This week is just motoring on by for me. As always: not a complaint. I hope your week is going by nicely. I'm ready for a couple days off to just hang out and chill. I might figure o
Since there was no physical Gen Con this year, I missed out on my yearly opportunity of walking the halls and just seeing circles of people slapping their legs in unison while playing Werewolf. Well,
For decades now, humans have been giving serious consideration to building a permanent second home for some of us up on the moon. And while actual attempts to do that are still in just the planning ph
The week's already halfway over. Yeah, it's just moving by that fast. No complaints here, mind you. Even though I don't have anything currently planned for the weekend, I'm still excited for a couple
The social structures and hierarchies in kingdoms can get incredibly complicated incredibly quickly. Nobles of all types have their own secret plots to not just get and maintain power, but look to imp
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This game is a blast to play! You can play it free on Tabletop Simulator or Tabletopia. It goes live on Kickstarter August 25th.
It's two, two, two campaigns in one! Indie Boards & Cards is combining two of their projects together and bring you them both together in one Kickstarter campaign. On one side, you have Quest, a n
In the night, creatures no longer entirely human stalk the dark spaces. They are the vampires, each a part of their own secret cabal, working to forward their group's goals. It's into this world that
"I'm... I'm attacking the Darkness!" Yes, you too can attack the Darkness when it returns in Massive Darkness 2: Hellscape. This new edition of the dungeon-crawl game from CMON is up on Kickstarter no
How now brown cow? You might ask that if you're playing a game of Petrichor, the game of controlling the weather and growing crops along with the Cows expansion. You can get the Collector's Edition of
When you're a DM, you're always looking for new things to throw at your party. Having more options is never bad. You can find a new monster that fits the rule that you want it to fit. And Crit Academy
Free League Publishing is headed back to the post-apocalyptic world with a new edition of Twilight: 2000. Keep your wits about you and try to survive an unforgiving landscape as the game comes to Kick