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Crone RPG

Crone, the RPG where you play a powerful witch, has launched their Kickstarter campaign.SourceFrom the campaign:Crone is a card-based role-playing game where you and your fellow players adopt the role
Crone RPG has posted a new video trailer for the character classes.SourceFrom the video:A new trailer for the tabletop RPG Crone has been released, showcasing the many classes of witch available.
Crone RPG is putting out an open call to gamers who would like to beta test their new Crone RPG game.SourceFrom the announcement:Hi! My name's Erik Bernhardt, and I'm the Co-Creator / Product Manager
Crone, the role-playing game put out by Crone RGP, is in open beta test. Go download yourself a copy and get playing.From the announcement:Crone RPG, an independent game studio based out of Richmond,