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Midweek Snippets

I'm back in the office today (worked from home yesterday). Doing my best to get back into the swing of things after being in Chicago last week. At least it's a short week (seeing as it's already Wednesday) before I get back to another weekend.

But seeing as it's Wednesday, and we didn't have one on Sunday, it's time to chow down on some bite-sized stories in our mid-week Snippets feature.

Today we have: Great Scott! - The Game of Mad Invention Coming To Kickstarter April 13th, Colayth Guard Combat Force Set Now Available, Astagar 15mm Sci-fi Snakemen Kickstarter now live, Gaspez-Arts miniatures: sexy pin-ups Indiegogo Campaign Happening Now, Aether Captains returns on Kickstarter April 18th, Tanto Cuore International coming to Kickstarter in May 2016, Arcanik: New RPG system in development, New Release! Zg'orzel, The Morbid Herald, and DeepWars - Blood Reef - EU friendly.

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TGN Sunday Edition: Snippets

Well, I certainly had a busy Saturday. Went through a lot of old gaming items that I'd not seen in quite a long time.
Man, I never really could paint all that well. And here I thought it wasn't half-bad.
I'm freely willing to admit when I am wrong, and I was certainly wrong. :P
Brought back a lot of nostalgia, but sometimes you gotta move on. Old games out. New games in.

Speaking of new games in, we've got a couple bite-sized gaming stories to give you today.

They include: Khurasan releases 15mm Sung Dynasty, Techno Bowl Box Art Previewed, Battle Valor Games Launches New 15mm Fantasy Range, Wild In The Streets Kickstarter coming March 9th, and Critical Mass Games 15mm Sci-fi Snakemen Kickstarter Launches March 31st.

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Friday Snippets

Congratulations to everyone for once again making it to Friday. You've worked hard all week, and now it'll be time to kick back, relax, and enjoy some gaming. My weekend plans include putting together an Age of Sigmar set to test out early next week. Since the release of the rules last Saturday, I've had lots of thoughts on the new system. Those I will post next week after I get a chance to actually put mini-to-table and roll some dice.

But that's the future. The present has us giving you the various bite-sized stories we've collected over the past couple days.

In this batch we have: On the Lamb Games previews Dark Dragon sculpt for Endless: Fantasy Tactics, MadRat Games previews Madzzle Kickstarter, Nerd on Earth Interview with Bones Sculptor Bobby Jackson, Space Marines classic Asgard set at Alternative Armies, Critical Mass Games relaunches Large Scale Ayame Mecha on Kickstarter, New Warpaint Quickshade Ink Set II from The Army Painter Coming Soon, HOT100 Ghoul Dragon new and half price at, and Retained Lance with unique miniature released at The Ion Age.

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Critical Mass Games Salute New Releases and Pre-Orders

Critical Mass Games will be headed to Salute (which is on April 25th) and will have a bunch of minis and terrain along with them. But if you want to make sure they've got what you want, you can pre-order from their site and they'll bring it with them. They've also got some new releases for the show. Need some new walls to keep the enemy little mans out? They've got you covered.

From the announcement:
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Critical Mass Ayame Battlesuit Kickstarter goes live

Critical Mass Games has launched their Kickstarter campaign in order to fund their new 30mm Ayame Battlesuit mini.


From the campaign:

Critical Mass Games has gone live with its 30mm Ayame Kickstarter Campaign and has already hit 25% funding. The campaign is looking to raise £4000 to fund the production of the Ayame Battlesuit miniature in the larger scale.

The Ayame Battlesuit Kit stands an impressive 70mm tall and comes with 6 pairs of arms as standard enabling it to be built in Hunter, Scout, and Predator Variants.

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Critical Mass 30mm Ayame Battlesuit Kickstarter ready to launch

Critical Mass Games is showing off some preview images for their Ayame Battlesuit Kickstarter campaign, showing off the scale comparisons so you know the size of the mini you're getting.


From the announcement:

Critical Mass Games is pleased to announce the launch of its second KIckstarter campaign starting this Saturday 22nd November.

With your help we are are looking to upscale the 15mm Ayame Battlesuits to 30mm, and beyond this use stretch goals to produce 30mm Protolene Infantry Miniatures to accompany the Ayames into battle as well as all the Ayame Assault Suit variants.

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Critical Mass Games taking Salute pre-orders

Critical Mass Games is headed to Salute and if you want to make an order with them beforehand, they can bring it with them to the show for you to pick it up.


From the announcement:

With the UKs biggest gaming show, Salute, looming on April 12th 2014 at the London Excel Centre, the Critical Mass Games Pre-order Page is live.

Critical Mass Games has some exciting new models available at the show this year so please help us bring the right amount by getting in your pre-orders.

This year we are offering those of you who choose to pre-order a 10% discount, whilst those pre-orders of £100 or more will qualify for a 15% discount and pre-orders over £150 or more will qualify for a 20% from your pre-order total.

You can place your pre-orders here via our website.

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Critical Mass Games Buildings Final Call

Critical Mass Games is closing down production of their sci-fi building ranges in just a couple days. For those that want any of them, this is your last call.


From the announcement:

This just a final reminder that our 15mm building ranges are being discontinued on 31st of January 2014, when they will be removed from the website; some have already sold out.
Terrain items to be discontinued:

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Critical Mass Games release new 15mm Mecha

Critical Mass Games has some new 15mm mech miniatures available in their webshop, along with some only-available-online weapons.


From the post:

Critical Mass Games is pleased to announce the general release of the 15mm Blackguard and Ravager Mecha.

These mecha where created with the help of our ZAS Kickstarter Backers last year.

The Blackguard Heavy Support mecha is the long range hitter of this duo being armed with twin Plasma Cannons and long range missile packs.

The jet pack and thruster equipped Ravager takes things a little more up close and personal being equipped with a Combat claw and Flamer.

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Critical Mass Games Discontinuing Building Ranges

Critical Mass Games needs to make some room in their warehouse and so is having a sale to get some space created.


From the announcement:

Critical Mass Games is looking to make room for new products in our line up in 2014, as such we will be creating some room by discontinuing some of our existing 15mm Sci-Fi building ranges.

The products affected are listed below and will remain on sale until 31st January 2014 when they will be removed from the website.

Before they are gone we are offering free world wide shipping on all orders over £50 until further notice.

All of the items list below can be found on the Critical Mass Games online store.

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Critical Mass Games Release ZAS Range of 15mm sci-fi minis

Critical Mass Games has released their ZAS range of 15mm sci-fi miniatures, originally funded by Kickstarter.


From the release:

Critical Mass Games has been quiet for some time now, but we have been working hard to complete and deliver the 15mm ZAS Kickstarter project first launched in February 2013.

With the final pledges being dispatched this week Critical Mass Games is pleased to announce the general release of the 15mm ZAS Miniatures Range which are now available in the Online Store.

This month we are releasing the ZAS Infantry, VTOLs and Objective Markers. Check out the items pages for links to plenty more images of our new releases.

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MaskFX deals and free shipping offer from Critical Mass Games

Critical Mass Games is having a special doing on their MaskFX painting system. Deals are also available on the rest of their range of products.


From the announcement:

Critical Mass Games has added 3UP deals on the entire MASKFX range. Additionally until October 31st 2013 we are offering free shipping on all orders over £50.00 across all Critical Mass Games Product ranges.

The 3UP deals contain 3 sheets of MASKFX and are available on the online store, and provide a 20% discount on the individual sheet price.

MASKFX is a simple to use Camouflage Masking system allowing you to create intricate camouflage patterns quickly and effectively with an airbrush or spray can.

With designs in both 15mm and 28mm you can achieve some stunning results.

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Critical Mass Merc Battle Force Generator Rules now online

Critical Mass Games has posted up the Force Generator Rules for their ZAS 15mm Mercs game that has their campaign on Kickstarter coming to a close soon.

From the update:

In support of our 15mm ZAS Mercs Kickstarter we have just posted up the beta pdfs for the customisable army generator for the Critcal Mass rules.

Your imagination is now the only limit, as you can now use any figures you wish in the game.

We would appreciate hearing your ideas on how to improve the rules or any corrections that need to be made. Please head on over to the Critical Mass Forums to post your comments regarding the rules.

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Gruntz Imperator Mecha Price Drop from Critical Mass Games

Critical Mass Games has lowered the price on their Gruntz Imperator Mecha as well as now offering the Mecha Battlegroup again.

From the announcement:

We like to work hard to keep things competitive with our miniature pricing though this is sometimes tough with licensed miniatures. We have been working with Robin to bring down the cost of the Gruntz Imperator Mecha so it is now available at the reduced cost of £18.00, down from £20.00.

Whats more is that the Imperator Battlegroup is once again available, priced £54.00, giving you 4 Imperator Mecha for the price of 3!
Check the Mecha out on the CMG store

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Critical Mass Games launches ZAS 15mm Mercs Kickstarter

Critical Mass Games has launched their Kickstarter project in order to expand out their 15mm ZAS Mercs line. Go take yourself a look.

From the campaign:

Critical Mass Games has launched its first Kickstarter campaign to help fund the 15mm ZAS Mercenaries Miniature range and is looking for your support.

Building on the popular MERC13 pack already in existance this project aims to create a basic infantry squad and command, then as we hit our goals include heavy weapons in the line up.

If we exceed our initial goals we will also look to introducing VTOLs for the ZAS into the project.

Click the link above to take a look at the ZAS campaign, there is a video explaining what we are aiming to do, has concept sketches of the ZAS and a painting guide explaining how the original ZAS where painted.

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