Critical Mass

Arcane Wonders Posts Critical Mass Preview

Most of my friends and I are ridiculously ready for October. Personally, I'm really excited for the cold, crisp mornings and the changing colors on the trees. I really need to make a pumpkin pie just because. Meanwhile, the folks at Arcane Wonders are thrilled about October because that's when Critical Mass comes out. They've posted up a new preview talking about all the mech-on-mech action the game holds.

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Arcane Wonders Taking Pre-orders For Critical Mass

Giant robot alert! We have giant robot alert! Try and keep calm. Arcane Wonders is taking pre-orders for Critical Mass, their new mech-on-mech combat board game. This new simultaneous-play game puts you in control of your own custom-built mech, with plenty of weapons and other options to give you an advantage. They've also got an expansion pack, Raijin vs Archon, that you can get along with the core box.

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