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Crescent Root Studio

I had an incredibly productive weekend. Lots of chores done around the apartment, but also put together a bunch of Guild Ball models for myself and a friend. Gotta get ready for Season 4 coming at the end of the week. And with Guild Ball comes some terrain. What kind of terrain? Well, maybe some of what we've got here in today's Terrain Corner.

We've got: Deep-Cut Studio Releases The Drowned Earth Official Mat, The Villa Terrain Set Available From Crescent Root Studio, Loke Battlemats Releases the Big Book of Battlemats, and More Industrial Scenery Kits Available From Pwork Wargame.

Well, it's Monday once again. I can't really say I'm all that thrilled about it. But waddyagonnado? I can't speed up time or alter the harvest (though, entirely tangentially, I had some just-picked Honeycrisp apples this weekend that were (censored) amazing. So that harvest is going well). Anyway, seeing as it's Monday, let's get you a new crop of terrain stories.

Today in the Terrain Corner we have: Lady Dragon Running RPG Mat Kickstarter, New Line of 15mm Terrain is available at Crescent Root Studio, and Hive City Cathedral Available From Tabletop Scenics.

Hellooooo, Monday... *squinty-eyes*
We all knew it was coming, and here it is... Monday, the start of the work week, the furthest we'll be from next weekend. Ah well, might as well make the best of it and get our gaming tables looking good.

Today in the Terrain Corner we have: New 28mm Terrain Series now available from Crescent Root Studio and Industrial Pipes - 90 degrees Available From Tabletop Scenics.