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Crafty Games

Over my lifetime, I have turned many dollars into donuts... and then eaten said donuts. However, in the tile-laying game Dollars to Donuts, you'll actually be turning donuts into dollars as you run yo
Monday went by quickly. Tuesday went by fairly quickly. Apparently, my brain got going and was like, "It's Thurdsday!" this morning. It's not, in fact, already Thursday. Slow down, brain. We don't ne
Running a country isn't easy. There's things like social upheaval, rival political factions looking to take over, natural disasters that displace populations and ruin resources, and neighboring countr
Crafty Games is running a Kickstarter for their Mistborn Allomancy Dice. The initial goal was to create 8 individual dice with a special symbol for the 6. And, well, they've made it! Their real hope i
Crafty Games has three all-new classes they've just released for Fantasy Craft. Go check 'em out.We're proud to announce the release of three all-new classes for Fantasy Craft:- The Crusader (base cla