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CP Models

Friiiiiiiidaaaaaaaay!You know how much I love Fridays. It's not my favorite day of the week (that'd be Saturday), but it's a pretty close second (tied with Sunday). So you know I'm all happy and bounc
CP Models Miniatures adds to their WWII line with their latest releases.SourceFrom the release:Latest additions to our WWII ranges1942-43 Kharkov Waffen SS GrenadiersTQD-GS48 Kharkov Waffen SS prone M
CP Models gives you some interesting new aliens you can add to your games with the release of their new Avians.From the release:New releases for CP Models 28mm Sci-fi rangeAvians intelligent bird crea
CP Modles has some new dark ages (not to be confused with Dark Age) models up online.From the update:Cp models has purchased the Gladiator Games 25mm Dark Age rangesVikingsAnglo-DanesThe first figures
CP Models released some new models for their Sci-Fi minis line: Hairy Beasts and Alien Minions.From the release:Latest 15mm Sci-fi setsSF1507 Alien minions in boiler suitsSF1508 Hairy beastsBoth sets
CP Models has some new Victoriana miniatures available over on their website. They're Watson, Holmes and a One-Man Band.From the update:Cp models latest 28mm releasesHolmes & Watson ideal for adventur
CP Models has released their new 15mm Carnosaurs over on their website.From them to you:Cp models releases new 15mm Carnosaur packAlthough released as part of our 15mm Sci-fi range they would work jus
CP Models has some new trilobites available over on their website (note: not actual trilobites or fossils, but just pewter minis. It'd be pretty awesome, otherwise, and you'd see this in 'Science' and
CP Modles just released some new SAS Scud Hunters and Space Pods over on their website.
CP Models expands their science fiction line with their new big-eyed aliens and sci-fi ogres on their website now.From the update:The big eyed aliens are here28mm figures with separate heads & claws h
CP Models has 3 new models up on their website: Alien Eggs, Grub and Giant Toad.
CP Models Miniatures releases a new line of Victorian-era figures starting with some civilians.From the release:Announcing the start of a new range of 28mm Victorian-themed figures for adventures in t
CP Models has new demons for you!I'd hate to meet them in a dark alley.Latest release from cp models night terrors range28mm demonsAvailable as single figures at £1.50 each or as a set of four figures
CP Models is pleased to announce that CP Models has bought Green Eyed Minis Dwarven Empire range:From their website:These 28mm eastern themed Dwarfs have been added to our growing fantasy ranges. Pai
CP Models Announces New Releases:From their announcement:Latest 20mm World War II sets releasedTQD-MS2 WWII era kriminalpolizeiTQD-GH30 German assault infantryTQD-GV5 Feuerschutzpolizei 1TQD-GV6 Feuer
C-P Models and TDQ Castings present their latest 20mm World War II sets. From their announcment:Latest TQD Castings 20mm World War II setsTQD-RI7 1943-45 red army infantry 1TQD-RI8 1943-45 red army in
CP Models have released a set of 28mm Weird WWI German Assault Troopers. From their announcement: New 28mm trench warfare german assault troopers released. Available as single figures or as a set o
CP Models have released a several 28mm historical personality figures. From their announcement: New 28mm French revolutionary generals available as single figures or as a set of five figures at a s
TQD Castings have released several new 20mm WWII miniatures which are available from CP Models. From their announcement: Latest TQD Castings 20mm WWII releases WWII U.S. Infantry TQD-AI1 U.S. Gen
CP Models and TQD Castings have released new 20mm WWII British Infantry figures. From their announcement: Latest 20mm WWII sets from TQD Castings TQD-BR4 - British Snipers TQD-BR5 - British Riflem
CP Models have purchased the Series One range of miniatures from Elhiem Figures. From their announcement: I am pleased to announce that CP Models has bought the rights to Elheim series one & Lamerc