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CP Models

You know how much I love Fridays. It's not my favorite day of the week (that'd be Saturday), but it's a pretty close second (tied with Sunday). So you know I'm all happy and bouncy here in the office. Also, I got my new shirt from Teefury on. It's a polar bear sitting at a computer. How could I not get that?

Random nonsense about my life aside, let's get you some bite-sized stories.

Today's items include: New Crests Available From Puppets War, Full Battle Rattle Miniatures 28mm Modern Wargaming Miniatures Coming Soon, New Iron Reich Goblins From Kromlech, Casual Game Revolution Posts 2016 Tabletop Gaming Conventions: A Comprehensive List, Huge Patch for 1pFB/FS & 1p40k/KT, and Cthulhu Mythos Deep Ones available from CP Models.

CP Models Miniatures adds to their WWII line with their latest releases.


From the release:

Latest additions to our WWII ranges

1942-43 Kharkov Waffen SS Grenadiers
TQD-GS48 Kharkov Waffen SS prone MG42 team
3 figures & MG42

TQD-GS49 Kharkov Waffen SS Grenadiers advancing inc radio
5 figures

TQD-GS50 Kharkov Waffen SS MG42 team advancing
3 figures

Soviet Infanty in telogreika quilted jackets & quilted trousers
TQD-RI14 Soviet close combat infantry inc NCO
3 figures

TQD-RI15 Soviet close combat infantry fixed bayonets
4 figures (2 of each pose)

CP Models gives you some interesting new aliens you can add to your games with the release of their new Avians.

From the release:

New releases for CP Models 28mm Sci-fi range

Avians intelligent bird creatures armed with pulse rifles

Sculpted by Whiff Whaff

These figures come with separate heads and are available as single figures or as a set of five figures at a slight discount

CP Modles has some new dark ages (not to be confused with Dark Age) models up online.

From the update:

Cp models has purchased the Gladiator Games 25mm Dark Age ranges


The first figures from these ranges are available now with more to come soon

CP Models released some new models for their Sci-Fi minis line: Hairy Beasts and Alien Minions.

From the release:

Latest 15mm Sci-fi sets

SF1507 Alien minions in boiler suits

SF1508 Hairy beasts

Both sets come with selectable separate heads giving a wide range of figure options

CP Models has some new Victoriana miniatures available over on their website. They're Watson, Holmes and a One-Man Band.

From the update:

Cp models latest 28mm releases
Holmes & Watson ideal for adventures in the late 19th century

Traveling one man band although part of our Victoriana range he would work easily for the old west & later periods

CP Models has released their new 15mm Carnosaurs over on their website.

From them to you:

Cp models releases new 15mm Carnosaur pack

Although released as part of our 15mm Sci-fi range they would work just as well as monsters for Pulp & Fantasy gaming

CP Models has some new trilobites available over on their website (note: not actual trilobites or fossils, but just pewter minis. It'd be pretty awesome, otherwise, and you'd see this in 'Science' and not here.).

From the update:

A new set of four Trilobite models

Ideal for monsters for sci-fi & fantasy gaming or as fossils for pulp adventure

Although aimed at 28mm they would work as larger creatures for smaller scales

CP Modles just released some new SAS Scud Hunters and Space Pods over on their website.

CP Models expands their science fiction line with their new big-eyed aliens and sci-fi ogres on their website now.

From the update:

The big eyed aliens are here

28mm figures with separate heads & claws hopefully to allow a variety of slightly different poses

Available as single figures or as a set of 4 figures at a slight discount

We also have a youngling alien to go with them

CP Models has 3 new models up on their website: Alien Eggs, Grub and Giant Toad.

CP Models Miniatures releases a new line of Victorian-era figures starting with some civilians.

From the release:

Announcing the start of a new range of 28mm Victorian-themed figures for adventures in the late 19th Century, starting with some 28mm civilian characters

CP Models has new demons for you!

I'd hate to meet them in a dark alley.

Latest release from cp models night terrors range
28mm demons
Available as single figures at £1.50 each or as a set of four figures at a slight discount

CP Models is pleased to announce that CP Models has bought Green Eyed Minis Dwarven Empire range:

From their website:

These 28mm eastern themed Dwarfs have been added to our growing fantasy ranges. Painted figures by 'Dags'

Available now from
CP Models Announces New Releases:

From their announcement:

Latest 20mm World War II sets released

TQD-MS2 WWII era kriminalpolizei
TQD-GH30 German assault infantry
TQD-GV5 Feuerschutzpolizei 1
TQD-GV6 Feuerschutzpolizei 2

Available from
C-P Models and TDQ Castings present their latest 20mm World War II sets.

From their announcment:

Latest TQD Castings 20mm World War II sets

  • TQD-RI7 1943-45 red army infantry 1

  • TQD-RI8 1943-45 red army infantry 2

  • TQD-RI9 1942-43 red army infantry in great coats & helmets

The greatcoated infantry are suitable for the battle for kharkov

These sets are now available from
CP Models have released a set of 28mm Weird WWI German Assault Troopers. Weird WWI Germans From their announcement:
New 28mm trench warfare german assault troopers released. Available as single figures or as a set of 5 figures at a slight discount. Suitable for Weird WWI or as generic sci-fi troopers TQD Castings 20mm 1980's British army sets suitable for the Falklands war re-released These figures are now available from my website
CP Models have released a several 28mm historical personality figures. French generals From their announcement:
New 28mm French revolutionary generals available as single figures or as a set of five figures at a slight discount Also now available in 28mm Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius. These figures are now available from
TQD Castings have released several new 20mm WWII miniatures which are available from CP Models. U.S. Riflemen Skirmishing From their announcement:
Latest TQD Castings 20mm WWII releases WWII U.S. Infantry
  • TQD-AI1 U.S. General, MP & Sniper With Russian Rifle
  • TQD-AI2 U.S. Riflemen Skirmishing
  • TQD-AI3 U.S. NCO's Skirmishing
  • TQD-AI4 U.S. Infantry With Browning Automatic Rifles
  • TQD-AI5 U.S. Infantry Bazooka Team
  • TQD-AI6 U.S. Infantry HBT Uniform
Early WWII Waffen SS
  • TQD-GS5 SS Snipers
  • TQD-GS6 1938-43 Early War Waffen SS
  • TQD-GS8 Waffen SS NCO's In Early Smocks Armed With Mp40'S
  • TQD-GS9 Waffen SS In M38/40 Early Type Smocks With K98'S
  • TQD-GS10 Waffen SS In M38 Early Type Smocks Armed With Auto Rifles
  • TQD-GS11 Waffen SS In Early Smocks Armed With Mp44
  • TQD-GS12 Waffen SS Grenadiers In Early Smocks Armed With Mg34'S
  • TQD-GS13 Waffen SS Tank Hunters In Early Smocks W/ Panzerfausts
These sets were part of Elheim Series one & out of production. They have now been re-coded & integrated into TQD Castings 20mm WWII ranges. I am pleased to announce they are now available again from
CP Models and TQD Castings have released new 20mm WWII British Infantry figures. 20mm WWII British infantry From their announcement:
Latest 20mm WWII sets from TQD Castings
  • TQD-BR4 - British Snipers
  • TQD-BR5 - British Riflemen In Windproof Smocks
  • TQD-BR6 - British Squad Command In Windproof Smocks
These sets are now available to buy from C-P Models site. The entire TQD Castings range has been re-coded to enable them to be listed by troop type and keep the codes running numerically. So you will now find all the NKVD, for example, listed together, hopefully making the TQD pages easier to navigate and find what you are looking for. I have included a code checklist on each page to enable you to reference the old codes. Have also added a brief guide on re-basing figs without using the slottabases, for those of you who dislike slottabases.
CP Models have purchased the Series One range of miniatures from Elhiem Figures. TQD Russians From their announcement:
I am pleased to announce that CP Models has bought the rights to Elheim series one & Lamercraft sets lc21-32 These sets will be re-coded & integrated into TQD Castings 20mm WWII ranges. As these figures were sculpted by Tony Boustead they make the perfect addition to expand the TQD ranges The first batch of releases are the Soviets
  • TQD 220 Soviet Snipers
  • TQD 221 Nkvd Interrogators
  • TQD 222 1943 Red Army Riflemen Advancing
  • TQD 223 1943 Red Army Squad Command
  • TQD 224 1943 Red Army Riflemen Skirmishing
  • TQD 225 Red Army Riflemen Wearing Soft Caps
  • TQD 226 Red Army Command Wearing Soft Caps
These sets are available from now with more sets to follow shortly Mark