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Council of 4

The month is coming to an end, but there's still time to get some new releases on your gaming tables. In this case, we have CMON's. There's Dragon Castle, where you use materials from a crumbling castle build a fantastic new one. Then there's Way of the Panda, where the Panda Clans have decided to retake their homeland from ninja invaders. And then there's Council of 4, where merchants are creating trading empires across the kingdom.
Saturdaaaaaaaaaay! Woo! Time to go out and... schedule this post, have some breakfast, get groceries, and then do some gaming! Woo! Going to a friend's place to hang out, have some game time, do some cooking out on the grill, and just having a good day, all before next week's blitz that is CMON Expo. After that, D&D the week after. Needless to say, my gaming dance card is full for a while. But it all starts with scheduling this post. So let me get to that.

Today we have: Are You Going to Eat That?, Fire Tower, Omen: Reign of War, Treasure Mountain, Sickest Witch, Sparkle Kitty Nights, Dream Home: 156 Sunny Street Expansion, Food Truck Champion, Iquazu, Council of 4, Karuba, North American Railways, Kaiju Crush, and Blight Chronicles: Agent Decker.

Cranio Creations and CMON Limited are teaming up to add more games to your collection. There will be an English version of Lorenzo il Magnifico as well as an updated version of Council of 4. I've actually gotten a chance to see the Lorenzo il Magnifico rulebook. If you're a fan of worker placement and resource management, you'll be in for a real treat there.

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