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Cosmic Encounter


For sci-fi fans, it's a pretty important number (it's what you get when you multiply 6 by 9, if you ask a bag of Scrabble letters). It's also the number in the anniversary edition of Cosmic Encounter that's now available. For those of you that've yet to play this classic game, a new chance is upon you from Fantasy Flight.

The new edition of Cosmic Encounters will soon be making its way to tabletops. Many of you have played the game, but many others haven't, and can use this new version as a jumping-on point to try out a real classic of the board game genre. To help players get started quickly, they've posted up a nice quick-start rules guide (in comic form) for you.


It's a pretty important number out in space. It's also pretty important down here on Earth. Fantasy Flight is coming out with a new edition of the classic game Cosmic Encounter in honor of its 42nd anniversary. A lot's changed in the game over the years, and a few things are being updated for this new version, too. Fantasy Flight has posted up a new preview so you can see what all is going on.

Some games have just been around forever, so it seems. And for many of you gamers out there, Cosmic Encounters has, essentially been around forever. It's been around as long as you have, at least. Cosmic Encounters is celebrating 42 years as a game and Fantasy Flight is coming out with a new edition.
... and I really hope I don't have to explain why the number 42 is important in a cosmic standpoint.
It's not just Saturday. It's a 3-day weekend Saturday! The best kind of Saturday! (well, except for 4-day weekend Saturdays, or week-off Saturdays, but let's not get pedantic here) I'm just kinda chillin' today. Why go and run yourself ragged? Instead, I'll just hang out and pass along some reviews for you to check out. Though I did almost relax my way through posting time. Whoops. ;)

Today we have: Escape Room: The Game, Schotten Totten, The Climbers, Techno Bowl, Tesla vs. Edison: War of Currents, ROBiTs, Caverna: Cave vs. Cave, Cosmic Encounters: Cosmic Eons, Table Tantrums, Hipster Teenage Wasteland, Burn the Heretic, Drinking Quest: Journey into Draught, Wild Fun West, London, and NMBR9.

Fantasy Flight is headed for the stars in this latest set of releases. If you've been on the lookout for the latest set of Star Wars: Armada ships, as well as their new campaign, you're in luck. Also available is a new expansion for Cosmic Encounters. Plus, there's new card protectors to keep it all safe.
Galaxies are always changing. They merge together with other galaxies. They spawn new stars. Stars collapse and form black holes. All sorts of things going on all the time that can potentially lead to new regions opening up to exploration. And in those newly-found regions, you might encounter strange alien civilizations. What sort of new technology will they have? What sort of customs will you have to learn in order to interact with them? And are they hostile? All those questions will be answered by playing the Cosmic Eons expansion for Cosmic Encounter, just announced by Fantasy Flight Games.