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Cosmic Encounter

The biggest expansion ever for Cosmic Encounter has hit store shelves. It's Cosmic Odyssey and it brings tons of new things to your games. Races, variant rules, and an entire campaign are all part of
The universe is big. Really big. It might just be the biggest thing there is. And Fantasy Flight is looking to fill the universe in Cosmic Encounter with a new expansion. It's Cosmic Odyssey and it's
42! For sci-fi fans, it's a pretty important number (it's what you get when you multiply 6 by 9, if you ask a bag of Scrabble letters). It's also the number in the anniversary edition of Cosmic Encou
The new edition of Cosmic Encounters will soon be making its way to tabletops. Many of you have played the game, but many others haven't, and can use this new version as a jumping-on point to try out
42! It's a pretty important number out in space. It's also pretty important down here on Earth. Fantasy Flight is coming out with a new edition of the classic game Cosmic Encounter in honor of its 42
Some games have just been around forever, so it seems. And for many of you gamers out there, Cosmic Encounters has, essentially been around forever. It's been around as long as you have, at least. Cos
It's not just Saturday. It's a 3-day weekend Saturday! The best kind of Saturday! (well, except for 4-day weekend Saturdays, or week-off Saturdays, but let's not get pedantic here) I'm just kinda chil
Fantasy Flight is headed for the stars in this latest set of releases. If you've been on the lookout for the latest set of Star Wars: Armada ships, as well as their new campaign, you're in luck. Also
Galaxies are always changing. They merge together with other galaxies. They spawn new stars. Stars collapse and form black holes. All sorts of things going on all the time that can potentially lead to