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CorSec Engineering

The week continues along, as it tends to do. It's only just today that I really realized that this upcoming weekend is a long one for those of us here in the US. The 4th of July falls on Monday. So th
It's Friday, everyone. Keep calm and we'll get through this just fine and then move onward into the bliss that is the Weekend. My gaming is going to start early, as when I get out of here, I'm going t
I hope everyone had a great International TableTop Day yesterday. Though, of course, the spirit of International TableTop Day is with us always, and we should celebrate as often and with as many peopl
Friday! Friday! Friday!It's Friday... and while I wouldn't say "I'm in love," I'm at least happy that it's Friday.Hopefully you've got some gaming planned for the weekend. Some of you will be gaming a
CorSec Engineering helps you keep track of where you are in cyberspace with their new Shadowrun: Crossfire token sets.SourceFrom the release:CorSec Engineering has released a brand new set of tokens f
CorSec Engineering knows your little mans don't always want to wade across the river, and has created a nice Japanese-style bridge to make sure their feet don't get wet.SourceFrom the release:This Jap
CorSec Engineering has some new movement template colors and tokens available for all you X-Wing players out there.cloak tokenStarfighter Movement Template Colorstranposrt movement SourceFrom the rele
CorSec Engineering released some new tokens and accessories for you Warmachine and Hordes players out there.Blast KeysPrecision Measurement SetUnit Health Tokens IIUnit Health Tokens SourceFrom the re
CorSec Engineering helps get your little mans to the beach without getting their feet wet with the release of their new LCA and LCM landing craft kits.SourceFrom the release:Our LCA kit is designed to
CorSec Engineering has some new products for Star Trek Attack Wing available over in their webshop.SourceFrom the release:We have a bunch of new products designed to work great with Star Trek Attack W
CorSec Engingeering gets your little mans to the beach in style with their new LCVP Landing Craft, available now.SourceFrom the release:We have a new laser cut kit for you guys. This 28mm scale landin
CorSec Engineering has some new patterns for their terrain mats available over in their webshop.SourceFrom the release:We have added a scaleless ground combat mat to our selection of mat patterns. We
CorSec Engineering has new token sets available for the X-Wing Miniatures game from Fantasy Flight Games.SourceFrom the release:We have been working hard to get a great set of tokens ready for X-wing.
CorSec Engineering's has posted up a new stretch goal for their Forward Operating Base Kickstarter: the perimeter fence and energy bridge.SourceFrom the update:FOB: Kiris is in the home stretch now an
CorSec Engineering shows off an unboxing video for their Forward Operating Base: Kiris terrain set that they've got on Kickstarter.SourceFrom the update:We have done a short video showing off what com
CorSec Engineering has some new laser-cut dials available over in their webshop.SourceFrom the update:We have adapted our starfighter dial designs to be more universal and even added a few etched desi
CorSec Engineering previewed these a couple days back. Well, now they've launched their Kickstarter campaign in order to fund their new 28mm sci-fi terrain pieces.From the campaign:Forward Operating B
CorSec Engineering is showing off some painted buildings that will be available in their upcoming Kickstarter campaign.From the preview:We are finalizing the details on the kickstarter so we decided t
CorSec Engineering has more products available out there to help you X-Wing Miniatures players with a new universal dial, location markers and a firing template.From the announcement:We have several n
CorSec Engineering has new "pinned" tokens for when your little mans just have to hit the dirt and keep their heads down.From the announcement:This new set of tokens is a great way to mark morale or w
CorSec Engineering helps keep your X-Wing Minis Game templates and cards organized with their new template/deck holder.From the announcement:This template holder is designed to work with any acrylic t
CorSec Engineering continues to make their omni stands even more omni with these new releases.From the update:New Omni-Stand releases for June.Telescoping Rod with Gimbal (Flat) - $3.99Telescoping Rod
CorSec Engineering has their game mats now available in 80"x60".From the announcement:We have added a new size option for our gaming mats. We have also updated our shipping policies on the mats.80" by
CorSec Engineering is has some new terrain sets they've now got available over in their webshop.From the update:These Modern terrain kits are a great addition to your next zombie or modern military ga
CorSec Engineering gives you some help in applying those magnets to your minis with their new Magnet Applicator Tool.From the release:We have a new tool that should help tame those pesky magnets. This