Burning Games Announces CoreBall Kickstarter

Burning Games will soon be throwing their hat into the arena of fantasy sports games. CoreBall takes place in the far-off future, full of sci-fi action and great miniatures. Players float around the arena, gaining inertia as they move. Just make sure you don't overshoot your target. the Kickstarter campaign will launch on April 16th.

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Burning Games Post CoreBall Overview

CoreBall is Burning Games' upcoming sci-fi sports game. They've put a call out for playtesters before, but now they're really ramping things up as the game makes its way towards a November launch date on Kickstarter. Their website is filled with all sorts of information and pictures of the game for you to check out. There's also the online rulebook you can go over.

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Burning Games Seeks Playtesters For CoreBall

Game designers and developers can only get a game so far. Without some outside help, rules are never quite as clear as they could be, things don't always work quite as intended, and things can always use a bit of a touch-up. That means bringing in playtesters. And that's what Burning Games is doing now for their upcoming game, CoreBall. Sign-ups are happening now.

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