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Copplestone Castings

Copplestone Castings have released a pack of 15mm Barbarian miniatures. 15mm Barbarians From their announcement:
A pack of 15mm fantasy Barbarians is now available: FM1 Barbarian Heroes - 10 character figures. I decided to use 1/100 as a base scale.  This means that 6ft tall Barbarians come out as an average 18mm to the top of their heads - any normal humans I make in the future will be mostly slightly smaller than this.
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Copplestone Castings have sent details of their latest Special Offer as well as some new 15mm fantasy miniatures and Pulp vehicles. Cavemen Special Offer From their announcement:
This month`s special offer:
  • 2 x C26 Cavemen - they come with separate weapons so you can create your own variants.
  • 1 x C25 Cavewomen
  • 1 x C29 More Cavemen
  • 1 x C47 Caveman Characters
But no Cave Bear - though there is a half-finished one on my workbench. Offer ends 30th June.