Midweek Snippets

We continue to move forward, not backward, upward, not forward, and always whirling, whirling, twirling towards the weekend. We might also be dizzy now…
Anyway, we have made it halfway through the week. And someone brought a giant bag stuffed with candy and put it in the break room here. So, while I can’t give you a “fun-size” Kit-Kat through the screen (I tried, but then I has to go clean my monitor), I can give you some bite-size gaming stories.

So, for today we have: H.E.A.D. Hunters Coming to Kickstarter This Fall, Unity: A Brand New Indie RPG on the Horizon, New Fire Forge themed bases Available From Dark Art Miniatures, Pipmen Playing Cards (Relaunch) On Kickstarter, Rockabilly Heads Now Available From Tabletop-Art, Golem Miniatures shop is online, New Multi-Mini Deal From Nexus Miniatures, North Star Military Figures Takes Over Day-to-Day Activities of Copplestone Castings, Winter War: Free Combat Patrol supplement for 1939 Russo-Finnish War From Sally 4th, New Stygian Torsos Available From Bits of War, Lands of Ruin Kickstarter reaches the funding goal, and Final Day for Battle Arena Show On Kickstarter.

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New Dwarves available from Copplestone Castings

Copplestone Castings has three new sets of 10mm dwarves available in their webshop.


From the release:

After a very long break I have finally added some new packs to our 10mm fantasy range:
FM20 Dwarf Warriors
FM21 Dwarfs with Axes
FM22 Dwarfs with Spears

The Dwarfs are all around 9mm tall (about the same height as the orcs) – in comparison our humans and half-orcs are around 11mm tall.

Like the rest of the range each pack is designed to make a unit of three 40 x 20mm stands, including one command stand. Unlike most of the earlier 10mm packs I have designed the Dwarfs so that they can easily be separated into single figures (or left in pairs for quicker basing).

Copplestone Castings Salute Weekend Sale

Copplestone Castings won’t be at Salute, themselves, but their products will be available at the show. Plus, for those of you (like me) who won’t be there, they’re having a special deal on their website.


From the announcement:

We won’t be there but Wargames Emporium will – they’ll have all of our ranges (except for the 10mm fantasy) on Stand TC13

This weekend from 6pm on Friday 11th to 9am on Monday 14th (UK times) you can get 10% off anything you order just by typing in the promotion code – april – when prompted at online checkout.

New 15mm Barbarica Cavalry Command Packs

Copplestone Castings released some new Barbarica Cavalry Command Packs over in their webshop.
Keeping barbarian cavalry in line… that’s gotta be a rough job.


From the release:

The production moulds for these 2 new sets were made much more quickly than I expected so they are now in stock.

FM22 Northlander Cavalry Command – 2 leaders, 2 standard-bearers and 2 hornblowers – all bearded and Northern.

FM23 Barbarian Cavalry Command – 2 leaders, 2 standard-bearers and 2 hornblowers – all clean-shaven in the traditional `Cimmerian` style.
With this range I`m using 1/100th as a base scale – so a hulking 6 foot tall barbarian is 18mm tall (to the top of his head). Lesser humans, like the Romans, will be correspondingly smaller.

The Cavalry has arrived from Copplestone Castings

Copplestone Castings released a pair of new 15mm cavalry units over in their webshop.


From the release:

FM20 Northlander Cavalry – 6 different hairy tribesmen with a couple of horse poses.
FM21 Barbarian Cavalry – 6 clean-shaven warriors in more of a Conan style.

Command packs for these tribes are just about to go in production and will be available by the middle of next week.

By the way, our Barbarica range is now available in blisters at most UK shows from the Wargames Emporium stand – as well as our other ranges.

New Schupo Sonderwagen available from Copplestone Castings

Copplestone Castings released their new Schupo Sonderwagen over in their webshop.


From the release:

K66 Schupo Sonderwagen 21 – after WW1 the German army was forbidden from having any armoured vehicles, but a loophole allowed the police force to use them. One of these police vehicles was this monster of an armoured car. Some of them were still in use in WW2.

Copplestone Casting having a sale this weekend

Copplestone Castings is having themselves a sale this weekend. Go get yourself some minis for cheaper than you’d usually have to spend.


From the announcement:

This weekend we have our traditional 10%-off sale – from midday on Friday 8th November until midday on Monday 11th (UK times).
All you have to do to get 10% of anything you order is enter the promotion code – xmas – when prompted at online checkout.

New 15mm Northlander Warchiefs available from Copplestone Castings

Copplestone Castings has some new 15mm Northlander Warchiefs models available over in their webshop.

From the release:

FM19 Northlander Warchiefs – 2 of them are one-piece castings and third, the Giant-Elk rider, comes with separate antlers. These are cast flat for production reasons and will need to be bent gently into shape

Two new 15mm Hill Giants released by Copplestone Castings

Copplestone Castings has two new hill giants, Gog and Magog, for their 15mm fantasy line available over in their webshop.

From the release:

We’ve just added Gog and Magog, 2 Hill Giants, to our Barbarica 15mm fantasy range. By the standard of giants suppose they are smallish – 40mm tall which, at the 1/100 scale I chose for this range, would make them just over 13 feet tall in reality. Big enough to be powerful, but small enough not to be too overwhelming

Copplestone Castings having a weekend sale

Copplestone Castings will be having a sale this weekend over on their website.

From the announcement:

This weekend from midnight on Friday 19th April until 9am on Monday 22nd April (UK times) you can get 10% off anything you order online. All you have to do is enter the promotion code – mojo – when prompted at checkout.

Copplestone Castings releases White Russian Lancers

Copplestone Castings has some new mounted White Russian Lancers available over in their webstore.

From the release:

An unexpected addition to the Back of Beyond range: some elite White Russian Lancers serving in a Chinese arlord army. These well-equipped cavalrymen are based on a unit in ChangTsung-chang`s army who wore dark green, almost black, uniforms with yellow boots.

3 new Dwarf units from Copplestone Castings

Copplestone Castings has 3 new dwarf units available in their webstore: axemen, spearmen and commanders.

From the release:

Just added 3 packs of Dwarves to the 15mm Barbarica range:

FM14 Dwarf Axemen
FM15 Dwarf Spearmen
FM16 Dwarf Command

In my alternative Roman Britain the dwarves live in the Scottish Highlands (which are a lot more mountainous than in our reality). They are usually allied with the Northlanders in their battles against the Romans, but will never fight alongside Snowtrolls.

Copplestone Castings releases massive K64 Mark IX Beast tank

Copplestone Castings has released their new k64 Mark IX Beast tank over on their website. It’s a big ‘un.

From the release:

K64 Mark IX Beast – a super-heavy Interwar-style tank. This resin kit is a massive 187mm long, 73mm wide and 58mm high. The figure in the picture (sold separately) shows what a monster the Mark IX Beast is.

K65 Mark IX Beast Accessory Set – all the bits you need to add more character to your straight-from-the-factory tank: 2 alternative sponson gun barrels, 5 pieces of baggage, 2 cable drums, 2 petrol cans, 6 ammo boxes, 1 long unditching beam and a short unditching beam with 2 support brackets.

Zanzibar Regulars now available from Copplestone Castings

Copplestone Castings has some Zanzibar regulars now available on their website.

From them to you:

AFU14 Zanzibari Regulars Marching (in a casual kind of way)

AFU15 Zanzibari Regulars in Action (by now they`ve noticed that something is going on)

The small regular army of the Sultan of Zanzibar wore white uniforms with red fezzes. If you don`t want to use them as Zanzibaris they make good all purpose askaris for a Darkest Africa campaign.

Coppleston Castings new rocky outcrop and aeons-old statue terrain

Copplestone Castings has some new terrain up on their website they want to show off, and that’s what we’re here for (to spread the news to you fine readers), so here they are.

From the update:

FMT4 Hidden Lairs – 3 different rocky outcrops concealing narrow entrances to underground Pictish lairs.

FMT5 Eldritch Statue – an aeons-old statue of one of the elder gods, unmarked by time, a focus for dark magic.

Copplestone Castings having a sale this weekend

Copplestone Castings is having a sale this weekend. Those are always good things.


This weekend from midnight on Friday 20th until 9am on Monday 23rd you can get 10% off anything you buy online just by entering the promotion code – barbarica – when prompted at online checkout.

Copplestone Castings has new barbarians

Copplestone Castings has a new set of barbarian models up on their website for you to peruse.

From the update:

FM11 Barbarian Archers

Missile support for your barbarian hordes – all clean-shaven because in my fantasy version of Roman Britain the bearded Northlanders disdain such cowardly weapons.

FM12 Pict Warriors
FM13 Pict Archers

Not historical Picts, but powerful, squat Neanderthals with stone weapons and poison arrows brooding in their underground lairs, working their dark magic, preparing for the day when they will reclaim their lost lands. Next packs for the Picts will include a chararacter pack (wizards, witches and champions), cave trolls and Cthulhoid demons.

Copplestone Castings Releases New 15mm Terrain

Copplestone Castings just released the first few pieces of resin terrain to go with the 15mm Barbarica fantasy range:

From their post:

FMT1 Trilithon Stone Portal
FMT2 Stone Circle
FMT3 Standing Stones

Nick Lund and I have been working on some rules for the range and we wanted to make terrain items more than table decorations so stone circles and standing stones are magical-power enhancers and the trilithon is a ley-line gateway. Future terrain pieces will include Roman roads (magic nullifiers), barrow tombs, Pictish statues of the Elder Gods and Pictish lairs.

Copplestone Castings New 15mm Packs

Copplestone Castings releases new 15mm packs to their online store:

From their announcement:

FM7 Barbarian Command.
3 chieftains in mail shirts, 3 hornblowers and 4 standard-bearers – one army totem (the Giant Elk skull) and 3 clan totems (the Aurochs Clan, the Bear Clan and the Wolf Clan), all marked with runes of power.

FM8 Shapechangers and Bears
3 mighty, heavily-bearded men with the huge bears into which they can transform themselves.

FM9 Cave Bears
The 3 bears from FM8 without the shapechangers.

FM10 Wolf Pack
16 wolves in 4 different poses. Please note that these wolves are the same as TM8 10mm Giant Wolves with the addition of an extra pose.

Next 15mm packs: Barbarian Archers and a Mammoth.

Mark Copplestone

Copplestone Castings release 15mm Barbarians

Copplestone Castings has released new 15mm Barbarians to their online store.

From their announcement:


3 new 15mm packs:

  • FM4 Northlander Characters – 10 chieftains, champions and sorcerors.
  • FM5 Snow Trolls – 3 primitive trolls from the Far North armed with stone weapons.
  • FM6 Barbarian Warriors – 12 assorted miniatures with swords and axes for anyone who prefers their barbarians beardless.

Next 15mm: Northlander Shapechangers and Giant Bears, Northlander Command

Mark Copplestone

Copplestone announce fantasy 15mm Romans versus Barbarians range

Copplestone Castings have announced a new 15mm fantasy Romans versus Barbarians range.

Northlander Warriors with Axes
Northlander Warriors with Axes

From their announcement:

My first pack of 15mm barbarians went down well, which has encouraged me to work on a project I’ve had in mind for a long time: a fantasy version of Romans versus Barbarians. The first army I’m working on is the Northlanders – a cross between Germanic tribesmen and Vikings.

The first 2 packs are:

  • FM2 Northlander Warriors with Swords
  • FM3 Northlander Warriors with Axes

Both are packs of 12 assorted warriors randomly picked from a range of variants. The next packs (available in a couple of weeks) will be Northlander Characters (muscle-bound warchiefs and champions with a quartet of witches) and Snow Trolls.

New releases from Copplestone

Copplestone Castings have released several new resin vehicle kits.

Medium C Hornet Female Tank

From their announcement:

We have just released a few new resin models:

WW1 and High Adventure

  • K62 Medium C `Hornet` Female Tank with 5 (!) machine guns
  • K63 Medium C Male Tank – a planned version with a 6-pounder gun

The Medium C was intended to be the battle-winning tank of the great 1919 offensive – thousands were ordered but the end of the war in November 1918 meant that few were actually built. Great what-if or Pulp-adventure vehicles.

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Copplestone release 15mm Barbarians

Copplestone Castings have released a pack of 15mm Barbarian miniatures.

15mm Barbarians

From their announcement:

A pack of 15mm fantasy Barbarians is now available:

FM1 Barbarian Heroes – 10 character figures.

I decided to use 1/100 as a base scale.  This means that 6ft tall Barbarians come out as an average 18mm to the top of their heads – any normal humans I make in the future will be mostly slightly smaller than this.

Copplestone Caveman special offer

Copplestone Castings have sent details of their latest Special Offer as well as some new 15mm fantasy miniatures and Pulp vehicles.

Cavemen Special Offer

From their announcement:

This month`s special offer:

  • 2 x C26 Cavemen – they come with separate weapons so you can create your own variants.
  • 1 x C25 Cavewomen
  • 1 x C29 More Cavemen
  • 1 x C47 Caveman Characters

But no Cave Bear – though there is a half-finished one on my workbench.

Offer ends 30th June.

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Copplestone Spring 10% Off sale and Salute news

Copplestone Castings have sent news of their 10% off Spring Sale as well as where you can their their figures at Salute 2011.

From their announcement:

From midnight on Friday 15th April until midnight Sunday 17th April (UK times) you can get 10% off anything you order just by entering the promotion code – spring – when prompted at  our online checkout.

Our ranges at Salute
Although we`re not going to the Salute ourselves the Gripping Beast/ North Star megastand (TH05) will have a good stock of most of our ranges in clampacks – everything but The Glory of the Sun, 1/55th Armoured Vehicle or 10mm Fantasy ranges.