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Sometimes you see a game world that you think is really cool, but you're not sure you can get your group to try it out because it's not a system they like using. Sure, you could do your best to conver
In the world of Contagion, there's a secret war going on in the shadows. Just out of view, unknown by basically every person on Earth, there's a battle going on between various factions for the contro
While a lot of us might think of dark forests and faraway dungeons when we think of a Fantasy RPG world, there's plenty that can go on in an urban environment. It doesn't take a sci-fi game to have yo
Well, we're working our way through it. The work week is just about half-over. I hope it's going well for you. It's been alright over here. Gotten a lot of stuff done already this week. Hoping to keep
Beware of fine print. Also, while necessity may be the mother of invention, desperation can also lead to some rather poor life... or after-life... choices. They say to beware of Greeks bearing gifts.
Aegis Studios has released another of their War Stories supplements for Contagion Second Edition. This one, Faith vs. Faithlessness, explores a new aspect of the Contagion setting: how your faith can
Aegis Studios has another in their War Stories series of enhancements for Contagion Second Edition available. This time it's Fog of War. In this book, you'll see how your actions can have unintended c
Some say that various famous guitar players made a deal with the devil in order to get their almost-mythical skills. And lord knows there are plenty of conspiracy theories around various celebrities.
The world you know is not real. It's just a thin veneer covering a much darker world. When you play Contagion, you get a chance to see beyond what is just real and into a much more intricate world ful
Aegis Studios has a new setting expansion book for Contagion Second Edition. K-24 brings you to one of the most... unique places... yeah, we'll go with unique... by bringing Contagion to North Korea.
The old gods have returned, and you could be one of them! Aegis Studios has released a new supplement for Contagion 2nd edition. It's called Rise of the Ilu. In it, it gives players the option of play
Aegis Studios has launched their Indiegogo campaign for Contagion: Rise of the Ilu.Contagion Second Edition OmnibusRise of the Ilu SourceFrom the campaign:Rise of the Ilu is a 192-page supplement for
Aegis Studios expands the supplements for Contagion: Second Edition, with the release of Practical Magic.SourceFrom the release:The world of Contagion is a dark and terrifying place. On the surface, i
Aegis Studios is having a big sale on their Contagion RPG products over on DriveThruRPG.From the announcement:Aegis Studios is hard at work developing Contagion Second Edition for release in summer 20