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Conquistador Games

Snowmageddon is about to descend upon Atlanta... again... supposedly. We'll see if this one actually happens. Though after last year, everyone's a bit on edge.

So, what snippets do we have for you today?

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Conquistador Games is running a Kickstarter that they're calling The Best Damn Metal Gaming Coins Ever campaign. It's got just over a week left and has made more than 8x their goal, so you know there's good deals to be had.

From the campaign:

Coins in five different sizes and finishes, covering many themes. Completely interchangeable, and perfect for hundreds of games!

Conquistador Games has launched a Kickstarter campaign for their War Stories series of WWII miniatures games.

From the campaign:

In War Stories, you control squads of soldiers and vehicles battling against one or more opponents. Our first two War Stories releases, Red Storm and Liberty Road, depict Soviet and American battles against the Nazis during World War 2. Each scenario is contested over a realistic period map, with each side receiving unique and often secret objectives for the engagement. You can augment your starting forces with additional units or a wide variety of special assets such as machine guns, bazookas, artillery, intelligence reports, mines and many more: dozens to choose from in total. Buy as much as you want, but each purchase costs you a victory point handicap, so spend wisely! Once the scenario begins your orders are executed quickly and resolving combat is just a simple card draw with no calculations whatsoever. Despite the game being fast-playing and easy-to-learn it is highly realistic and encourages real combat decisions in a tense fog of war. Nothing else on the market is like it.