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Conquest Tactics

Zeitgeyser Games is working on an expansion for their Conquest Tactics game and hoped you could help fund it.From the campaign:Conquest Tactics is a non-collectible strategy card game played on a grid
Mythacle have added support for the Conquest Tactics game to their Battleplan online deck building application. From their announcement: Today we're pleased to introduce our newest Battleplan console
The Mythacle Treasury online CMG tracker now supports Conquest Tactics. From their announcement: You can now create Conquest Tactics collections in Mythacle Treasury. We're pleased to welcome Conques
Zeitgeyser is now accepting pre-orders for their Conquest Tactics fantasy card game. From their announcement: Conquest Tactics is now available for pre-order. The game officially launches on July 2
Zeitgeyser have set a release date for their Conquest Tactics CCG. From their announcement: Conquest Tactics, a new strategic CCG from Zeitgeyser LLC will be available in stores and online beginning