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Conquest of the Gods

Demigod Games has gotten their Conquest of the Gods Kickstarter campaign underway.SourceFrom the campaign:Demigod Games is a start-up games company based in regional NSW Australia. Our Kickstarter wil
Demigod Games has posted up a preview of some renders they're gonna make into minis if they hit some stretch goals in their upcoming Conquest of the Gods Kickstarter.SourceFrom the post:Demigod Games
Demigod Games has some previews up for their upcoming Conquest of the Gods project with a look at the renders for Egyptians and Japanese starter sets.SourceFrom the post:Demigod Games has previewed bo
Demigod Games is showing off some new artwork for the Egyptian faction for Conquest of the Gods.Egyptian MummyEgyptian UreausEgyptian-Archers SourceFrom the preview:Demigod Games as previewed some new
Demigod Games goes big with their new previews. Giants are coming to Conquest of the Gods.cyclopsPromoJotun FaceJotunSphinx1 SourceFrom the preview:Demigod Games has shown off several previews of gian
Demigod Games is showing off the 3D renders for some Norse Berserkers that they're working on for the upcoming Conquest of the Gods game.BerserkerDesign001BerserkerDesign004 SourceFrom the preview:Her
Demigod Games is showing off some model and 3D render previews for their upcoming line of minis to be released next year.SourceFrom the preview:Demigod Games is a small Australian based wargames compa