Sans Detour Launches Confrontation Classic Kickstarter

Confrontation is one of those games that us "old time gamers" tend to talk about with a wistful sigh. A game from the early days of minis that just didn't quite have the backing to keep going strong. And then it was gone, seemingly forever. But "seemingly" is the operative word, as Sans Detour has launched a Kickstarter campaign to bring it back to your tabletops.

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New Info Posted about Confrontation Classic

Sans Detour is working on bringing back Confrontation, a game that I know many of you have fond memories for. The minis were certainly pretty. Well, they've given us some more information about what you can expect when the Kickstarter goes live in April. They're letting us know about the number of minis and factions and man... it's a lot of 'em.

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Confrontation Classic Coming to Kickstarter Next Year

I remember when Confrontation first came out. At the time, at my LGS, all we really had were GW games. Then Confrontation and Warmachine showed up at basically the same time and split the community almost down the middle. I tried a little bit of both. However, as time went on, Confrontation ebbed away while Warmachine kept on the rise. Many people miss the Confrontation system. Well, next year, their wait for its return will be over. The game will be making its way to Kickstarter for a rebirth.

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Confrontation Statues Reissued, available from Improbable Cast

Improbable Cast will be making new castings of old Confrontation statues and has started taking names of the people that want them. Take a look.

From the announcement:

Remember Confrontation? Rackham Miniatures? Just love awesome fantasy stuff?

I’m bringing it back baby. The first of a series of FULLY LICENSED re-issues of LONG out of production statues (120 mm+) originally released by Rackham in France in 2004.

The first up is the Dwarves of Mid-Nor Scourgebearer. This was the holy grail of my collection for many years until I finally tracked one down and what inspired me to acquire the license to produce them again.

I will be taking pre-orders for the first run at a deeply discounted $99 + shipping until October 15, 2012. After October 15, 2012 the regular retail price of $135 + shipping will be effective. This unpainted solid resin kit will be supplied in 5 pieces: body, halberd arm, lantern, puppet and chain (styles may vary).

I will also be producing an EXTREMELY LIMITED edition (5 total) of solid cold cast bronze that will be available for $600 + shipping on a first come, first served basis. Each of these castings will be numbered with a certificate of authenticity.

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Legacy Miniatures releases new Cadwallon Guild of Necromancers

Legacy Miniatures releases the the next wave of never released Confrontation models.

From their release:

Just as the very last Militia of Cadwallon got sold, here is another 6 never released Cadwallon Guild of Necromancers figures! Confrontation - Cadwallon Guild of Necromancers (6) Available exclusively from CMON On-line store.

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Confrontation Wave 3 now available on CMON

CoolMiniOrNot announces the availability of Confrontation Wave 3 miniatures:

From their announcement:

Confrontation Wave 3 now available! With 3 offerings this time.

Drac Mac Syro and the Fiannas (7) As we all know the fiannas were the defining miniatures for Confrotantion and Drac Mac Syro was a rare limited edition miniature that was only available with the Ragnarok box set.

Confrontation - Molochs (2)

And the third one is a real treat, a never before released Confrontation - Dirz Wyrm with 3 different head options!

Available now exclusively at CMON On-line store. Get them while supplies last!

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Cool Mini Or Not releases next wave of Confrontation

Cool Mini or Not has released the next wave of Confrontation Models.

From their website:

Next up for Confrontation re-releases, the Acherons live again!

This pack contains 5 miniatures:Ejhin de Vanth, Azael the Unfaithful, The Gorgon, Gargoyle of Acheron 1 and Gargoyle of Acheron 2. Cast in high quality resin with every individual piece lovingly placed in their own vacuum form cavities.Comes with a full set of round bases and a full set of square bases, and the Confrontation 3.5 card necessary for gaming.These previously long OOP figures are still full of the individual character that has made Confrontation famous!

Available exclusively from CMON On-line store.

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More Confrontation previews

CoolMiniOrNot have posted more previews of upcoming Confrontation miniatures. Flesh golem parts From their announcement:
Lets answer a few of your questions. The upcoming Confrontation Miniatures release are being made in resin using the original masters. These models will be on a limited release. We have access to all of the miniatures, including many that were never produced. These models will be available at GenCon at the CoolMiniOrNot Booth (#849), and then on CoolMiniOrNot's store.

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Legacy Miniatures has acquired Confrontation range

New miniature manufacturer Legacy Miniatures have acquired the rights to the Confrontation range of figures. From their announcement:
Legacy Miniatures is excited to announce that they have secured the license to the entire Confrontation back catalog, and will immediately start producing previously released and unreleased figures from this amazing and sorely missed miniatures line. Confrontation was a game published by Rackham Entertainment until it entered liquidation in 2009, and some of the most amazing 28mm figures in the world ceased to be available at that time. Cyanide Studios, a prominent French video game developer, has acquired the Confrontation IP and has licensed the miniatures to Legacy Miniatures. "We're incredibly pleased", said Vincent Fontaine Artistic Director of Legacy Miniatures and former Paint Director of Rackham Entertainment. "We're starting out slowly and doing about 2 to 4 releases a month, some miniatures that never saw production before Rackham closed its doors."

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