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Confrontation is one of those games that us "old time gamers" tend to talk about with a wistful sigh. A game from the early days of minis that just didn't quite have the backing to keep going strong.
Sans Detour is working on bringing back Confrontation, a game that I know many of you have fond memories for. The minis were certainly pretty. Well, they've given us some more information about what y
I remember when Confrontation first came out. At the time, at my LGS, all we really had were GW games. Then Confrontation and Warmachine showed up at basically the same time and split the community al
Fan-favorite game, Confrontation, is going to be making its way back to tabletops soon. Sans Detour has acquired the right to the game world of Aarklash and are going to be making a new miniatures ski
Improbable Cast will be making new castings of old Confrontation statues and has started taking names of the people that want them. Take a look.From the announcement:Remember Confrontation? Rackham Mi
We have heard that Confrontation is going to being brought back in full. We will have more updates on this, as we hear more. Has anyone else heard any rumors about this? What do you think?
Legacy Miniatures releases the the next wave of never released Confrontation models. From their release:Just as the very last Militia of Cadwallon got sold, here is another 6 never released Cadwallon
CoolMiniOrNot posts the next wave of Confrontation releases.From their announcement:They are finally available! The second part of Confrontation Wave 5 release - Militia of Cadwallon! 5 never before r
CoolMiniOrNot announces the availability of Confrontation Wave 3 miniatures:From their announcement:Confrontation Wave 3 now available! With 3 offerings this time. Drac Mac Syro and the Fiannas (7) As
Cool Mini Or Not releases the last of the Wave 2 Confrontation Cyclop of Mid-Nor. The website also has a 360 of the model. From their announcement:Comes with a round base and a square base, and the Co
Cool Mini or Not has released the next wave of Confrontation Models. From their website: Next up for Confrontation re-releases, the Acherons live again!This pack contains 5 miniatures:Ejhin de Vanth,
Italian gaming site have posted two photos of the new Confrontation Hydra miniature.
CoolMiniOrNot have posted more previews of upcoming Confrontation miniatures. From their announcement: Lets answer a few of your questions. The upcoming Confrontation Miniatures release are being
New miniature manufacturer Legacy Miniatures have acquired the rights to the Confrontation range of figures. From their announcement: Legacy Miniatures is excited to announce that they have secured t