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Condottiere puts players in Renaissance Italy, as the various power struggles happen up and down the peninsula. Will you become the greatest House and leader of this new awakening, or cast into the dirt of history? Z-Man Games has posted up a new preview of the gameplay over on their site.

Z-Man Games is coming out with a new edition of Condottiere. Players are in control of an Italian city-state and must use their armies to enforce their dominance over the country. In this article, Z-Man Games gives us a general overview of how the game works, so those that might be jumping in now can know what to expect when it hits the shelves.

Art in a game can be just as important as rules or fluff. You could have a great rules set, but if the art is just kinda "bleh," it can ruin the whole thing. Thankfully, there's a lot of talented artists out there. For example, there's Tomasz Jedruszek, who Z-Man Games tasked with doing the art for a new version of Condottiere. In this interview, we get a look at what inspired him when creating the new art pieces.

Z-Man Games seem to be the place to go for re-releases and new editions of recently-classic games. They've got another they're adding to their catalog. In this case, it's Condottiere. They're updating the rules and the map, while still keeping the art style from the 2007 version. They're also bringing in 2-player version. You can check out their announcement below.

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