Company of Iron

New Releases Available From Privateer Press

The latest releases are now available from Privateer Press. The Trenchers are getting themselves some further bulking up, with a couple of new sets. Cryx is getting a couple retooled jack kits. And then there's Company of Iron. If you love Warmachine and Hordes, but want something a bit smaller in model count, you can now play skirmish-sized games using the models you've already got.

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Privateer Press Previews October Releases for Warmachine

Hopefully you're enjoying the Wicked Harvest releases for Hordes that just came out. I'm sure some of you have picked up the new faction. But what if you just want to fight against them? Well, there's some new releases coming out for other factions as well, including the original creepers, Cryx... Though much of it is for Cygnar.
They will also be coming out with Company of Iron, their new skirmish-sized version of Warmachine and Hordes.

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Privateer Press Announces Company of Iron Warmachine/Hordes Skirmish Game

I originally picked up Warmachine as a "quick, small, fast game to play when I didn't want to play a 'big game' of 40k." Not long afterward, Warmachine turned into a pretty big game, all its own. Well, Privateer Press is pulling back and coming out with Company of Iron, a new skirmish game based in the Warmachine/Hordes universe.

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