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Ever since Stuffed Fables came out, players have wanted more of the game-book-style game that it had. The next one like that is coming out soon. Comanauts will be hitting shelves on January 31st. Plaid Hat Games has also created a video preview for you to check out.

In Comanauts, players must enter the psyche of a coma patient and try and unlock him from that state. That includes going through various stages of the patient's life, including dealing with his inner child. That's just what we get a look at in this preview from Plaid Hat Games.

Comanauts is the upcoming storybood adventure game from Plaid Hat Games where players go into the consciousness of a coma patient, looking to free him from his affliction. In this preview, we get a look at the different Avatars players will take on, essentially your player characters in the game and in the patient's psyche.

Stuffed Fables really created a somewhat new genre of game, as it's not quite Role Playing Game, but it's not quite Board Game, either. It was a big hit, and Plaid Hat Games is following up with a new Adventure Book Game in the form of Comanauts. Players must head into the psyche of Dr. Martin Strobol and try and free him from the coma he's in. Plaid Hat's posted up a new preview of just how this new game will work.

Stuffed Fables was Plaid Hat Games' first storybook RPG game. The book the game came with was part rules, part game board, part adventure. Now, they are coming out with the next game using many of the same mechanics. It's called Comanauts, and it puts players in charge of medical adventurers looking to save Dr. Strobal from the coma that he has been left in.

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