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Color Warz

Fluo Games has released their new Monk mini over in their webshop.SourceFrom the release:The Monk is now available on our webstore.This is the 3rd Oak Follower.The character design was made by Maxime
Fluo Games is in their final 24 hours over on Kickstarter for their Color Warz: Dark Threat campaign. They've added the Wave 2 minis as add-ons if you'd like to have them as part of your pledge. If yo
Fluo Games has some more preview artwork for Color Warz: Dark Threat units over on Kickstarter. They've got less than 2 days to go for their campaign as well.SourceFrom the latest update:We now presen
Fluo Games has another bit of preview concept artwork to show off for Color Warz. This one's the Amazon.Source
Fluo Games is showing off another art preview for Color Warz: Dark Threat with a look at the Valkyrie.SourceFrom the preview:We now present to you the 5th follower : The Valkyrie.This character is a p
Fluo Games has updated their Color Warz Kickstarter again. This time they've added a new pledge level, a look at an updated game board picture and have added in the German language rulebook.SourceFrom
Fluo Games updated their Color Warz Kickstarter again with some recalculated stretch goals, some new concept artwork as well as some more gameplay sample videos.SourceForm the most recent update:You m
Fluo Games has announced a partnership with Blacksmith Miniatures to create the Ronin on Toad model for their Color Warz: Dark Threat Kickstarter campaign.SourceFrom the update:We now present to you o
Fluo Games has made some updates to their Color Warz: Dark Threat Kickstarter. These include game play videos, new updated stretch goals and concept art for a new figure for the game. There's a lot th
Fluo Games has gotten 150 backers for their rebooted Color Warz: Dark Threat Kickstarter campaign and thus they've unlocked their first special goal for the campaign.SourceFrom the campaign:We just un
Devil Pig Games along with Fluo Games and Ammon Miniatures had relaunched their Color Warz: Dark Threat Kickstarter campaign. They've got updated add-on information, along with streamlined pledge leve
Fluo Games is going to be rebooting their Color Warz: Dark Threat Kickstarter campaign. They're hoping that cleaning up the pledge levels and some other things will help make it a much more successful
Fluo Games is running a Kickstarter campaign for their second game, Color Warz: Dark Threat right now. That game is the sequel game to Color Warz: Paint Brawl. Well, Fluo was kind enough to send me a
Fluo Games has added 3 new miniatures to their Color Warz: Dark Threat game if they make it to their funding goal.Stay tuned this afternoon for a review of Fluo Games' first game, Color Warz: Paint Br
Fluo Games has a trio of new alternate sculpts for Color Warz up on their website.From the announcement:Discover new alternative poses for the Warrior, the Shaman and the Hunter.