CMX Games

CMX Games Launches Brick Work Kickstarter

When growing up, I had quite a lot of different building toys that I'd played with. When I was really young, there were things like Lincoln Logs and a Brio train set. Then I moved up to K'Nex and a small Erector Set. But, of course, the one building toy I played with the most was Legos. I'm sure many of you have similar stories to tell. Well, now CMX Games is bringing together the love of building toys with gaming in their Brick Work board game, now up on Kickstarter.

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CMX Games Taking Pre-orders for Copper Country board game

Grabs your picks and your shovels. There's copper in them thar hills! Ok, so that maybe doesn't sound as majestic as gold, but still, copper's a very important mineral and getting it out of the ground can be a very dirty job. ... I seem to have turned into Mike Rowe there for a minute.
Anyway, CMX Games is now taking orders for Copper Country, a new board game set in the rough and rugged Upper Peninsula of Michigan during America's mining boom. Players play as the head of a mining company and must stake their claim to extract as much copper as they can before it's all gone. But there's more than just "dig and sift." You must increasingly deal with the lives of your workers and the lives of those that come to your community to support those workers.

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