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If having zombies running around wasn't bad enough, a curse placed on this town makes everyone's weapons brittle and they break easily. How will we fight back against the undead hordes? That's up to y
The Campaign Mode for Massive Darkness 1 was one of the biggest areas where gamers weren't entirely satisfied with the game. For Massive Darkness 2, the designers basically scrapped the original form
The Janusians hit the Earth quickly, taking out most city centers, overwhelming the world's militaries, and causing all sorts of havoc. After the initial shock, the invasion has slowed. That's given t
House Baratheon has been split into two. With the death of Robert, the two remaining brothers, Renly and Stannis, are each vying to sit on the Iron Throne. Different characters and units within the A
chief_l 2 days ago
Those Rose Knights look like pretty cool generic knights. It would be nice to Be able to buy a single one for use as a character in D&D.
"I'm... I'm attacking the Darkness!" Yes, you too can attack the Darkness when it returns in Massive Darkness 2: Hellscape. This new edition of the dungeon-crawl game from CMON is up on Kickstarter no
The Survivors have reunited Bob's family. Unfortunately, the zombie world is harsh and unforgiving, and Bob is now gone. But his family remains, as do a bunch more zombies. How will Bob's Campaign fin
Munchkin Dungeon lets players explore the Munchkin universe in a new way, moving their figures ever downward through the twisting halls of the dungeon board. Tomorrow, there will be a whole bunch of n
So, a new edition of a game you have is coming out. What happens to all the stuff you currently have? It's a question many of us have asked over the years. Will everything just be obsolete now? Will t
"We'll uh... we'll talk to Bob." The Survivors have found Bob, the worker at the power station. But now his family is missing. Of course, during an apocalypse like this, it's impossible to say what's
Two technology-based expansions are coming for Starcadia Quest tomorrow. Build-A-Robot gives you a bunch of plastic pals who are fun to be with. Meanwhile, in Showdown, the advent of the Hollow Deck h
The Bloody Mummers are known for wearing garish outfits to battle. That extends to their cavalry and even the animals that they ride into combat. Zorses are a hybrid species, designed to be able to tr
IDW and CMON are sharing more than simply their love of initials. They're also teaming up to bring you a new Hero Pack for Arcadia Quest starring everyone's favorite Asian bunny, Usagi Yojimbo. You ca
It's amazing how quiet a zombie apocalypse can be. A lot of noises we're used to in everyday life become very rare. So, when the Survivors hear a ringing phone, they simply have to go answer it. What
Massive Darkness is getting an overhaul. The first version sold well... but most agreed it was mostly because it was a ton of minis that can be used in D&D games for a super-cheap price (comparati
Grab your unnatural axe and head down into the dungeon. It's time to kick some doors, beat up some monsters, and grab the loot. Munchkin Dungeon is coming this Friday from CMON and Steve Jackson Games
It's a rough life if you want to be one of the best swordsmen in all of Westeros. So rough, in fact, that the majority of trainees won't survive boot camp. However, those that make it out are unmatche
Ch-ch-ch-changes. Yes, Massive Darkness is getting some changes in the form of a new edition. But what will those changes be like? In this preview, we get a small glimpse at many of them. From how eac
Mold is bad enough if you find it in your house. But when you find it in an off-world facility and that mold is a byproduct of murderous aliens, it's a little worse, and harder to clean. But that's wh
Massive Darkness 2 is coming soon to Kickstarter. What's changed? What's stayed the same? How has the story progressed? Well, not everything is answered in detail in this first article, but you can ge
With CMON posting a new Zombicide scenario each week, they're trying to hit all the different versions and big expansions for the game. But what if you've only ever picked up the original? Well, there
"Lock the doors. Close the shades. Stay quiet." It seemed like a good way to get the Xenos to just pass by. However, they've stuck around outside the doors. Now, it's up to the soldiers to get the sci
Another week, another new scenario. This time, a cache of weapons has gone missing. But the survivors have found it. Unfortunately, they also found a heap of zombies. Gear Up is a new scenario for Zom
Prince John has tasked the Sheriff of Nottingham with stopping all illegal goods from entering the market. He's going around, merchant-to-merchant, searching for contraband. But the merchants are sly.
Another week, another new scenario for Zombicide. If there was any time to have planned on coming out with new scenarios online every week for a year, this was a good one to pick. Players can head ove
A lot of people have turned to cooking as a bit of a hobby during the quarantine. I know I've been doing a lot more of my own cooking over the past couple months. Well, in Foodies, you can combine you