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Clash For A Cure

Clash for a Cure will be coming to Killeen, Texas this September. Will you be there?SourceFrom the announcement:That's right, we are at it again! Clash for a Cure 2014 is not only a Warmachine Weekend
Clash For A Cure is coming and they'll have special guest studio painter Meg Maples there.From the announcement:Hello guys! Trying to spread some awareness for Clash for a Cure 2013! This is our third
Clash for a Cure registration opens today. Play some games for a good cause (because as much as you think it might be, just 'pwning noobs' is not a good cause).From the update:Pre-registration opens u
Clash for a Cure is two days of gaming for a good cause. Why just play games when you can play games and help people at the same time?From the announcement:Clash for a Cure started out last year as a
Clash for a Cure is coming again in October. Play games for a cause.From the release:Rich Courtney here in an attempt to spread the word. Clash for a Cure 2012 is in full swing and we are looking at m