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City of Mist

If you've been waiting for some new City of Mist books and supplies, now's your chance. Modiphius has whole new print editions of items like the MC Toolkit, Player's Guide, GM Screen, and more. If you
You gotta begin somewhere. We were all new to a game system once, and there's better and worse ways to go about getting started. I'm always a fan of starter sets. And that's just what we have here for
Modiphius has a trio of releases for their City of Mist RPG. They're sort of the core heart of the game, being the Master of Ceremonies Toolkit, the Player's Guide, and an MC Screen, and they're all a
Forget it, Jack, it's Payne Town. City of Mist is unlike other cities. Within it, people are suddenly imbued with the powers of various legends and stories. This leads to an underworld filled with al
Modiphius has a new RPG series up and available now in their webshop. City of Mist puts players in a dark and gritty world as detectives in a city where magic and myth invade the real world on a regul
In a dark, modern city, nothing is quite as it seems. You go about your everyday, ordinary life feeling that things are just "off." Things that seem like coincidences follow a nonsense pattern. You fe