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Cities in Ruin

It's never good when a prisoner escapes prison. When that prisoner is an elder god who can destroy the world, it's a bit extra-imperative to make sure they get back to where they belong. Such is the c
Most of the time when you think about Cthulean horrors, you think of skulking around in the dark, or looking through a no-often-used part of an old, dusty library, or maybe a small, New England town i
You'd think that, after a while, people would start to take those that are warning about ancient evils coming to destroy the world more seriously. But nooooo. They didn't listen to you. And now a city
When we think of the Great Old Ones and the Cthulhu mythos, it's usually gruesome murders and horrific mind-melting insanity that we picture as the possible outcomes. Well, in Cities in Ruin, things g