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Cipher Studios

Ninja Division, who had recently taken over Cipher Studios properties, has announced that they're going to be discontinuing Anima Tactics. Hell Dorado will also no longer be available through distribu
Ninja Division has taken over distribution and releasing of Cipher Studios' Hell Dorado mini. Check out the new knight releasing next.SourceFrom the release:In the short time he has resided in Hell, h
Cipher Studios has posted up a preview of the Efrit Warriors they're working on for Hell Dorado.SourceFrom the preview:The Inferno book is in my hands right now and it is glorious! So we’re going to k
Cipher Studios shows off their upcoming October releases for Hell Dorado and Anima Tactics.SourceFrom the preview:Hell Dorado Marcus Leblanc HD5018 $14.99 Infernal Crusher HD1023 $19.99
Cipher Studios gives everyone an update on their Hell Dorado Kickstarter campaign and shows off the Twilight Knight mini.SourceFrom the update:The Inferno book is going off to the printer Monday. The
Cipher Studios is showing off some new artwork and fiction for Hell Dorado. This one's the Djinn Haadiya al Furat.SourceFrom the preview:Hi all, welcome to another installment of Tales From Alamut. Th
Cipher Studios is showing off a new Hell Dorado art preview with a look at the Executioner.SourceFrom the preview:It's Friday the 13th. Perfect day to reveal this fellow!The Executioner stalks the lan
Cipher Studios gives us a look at some new greens they're working on for Hell Dorado. They're showing off the Quetzalcoatl as well as Leblanc.From the preview:Couple of in-progress shots of the Quetza
Cipher Studios shows off some new preview artwork for upcoming models for Hell Dorado in their latest update.From the preview:Hell Dorado New StuffGot some exciting new Hell Dorado concepts to give yo
Cipher Studios gives us a look at what's coming up for Anima Tactics in July with a quick preview.From the preview:Got some new Anima Tactics models on the way in July!
Cipher Studios has some new releases up for Hell Dorado and Anima Tactics up on their website.From the release:We’ve got some new releases on their way to distributors now.For Anima Tactics, we have M
Cipher Studios is in their final couple hours over on Kickstarter. They've blown away their original goal. Can they get even higher before the clock ticks zero?From the campaign:Home StretchWe're knoc
Cipher Studios is teaming up with Kingdom Death on the Hell Dorado Kickstarter. Now you can add a special Twilight Knight to your Hell Dorado pledge.From the update:We are very excited to partner with
Cipher Studios is doing well with their Hell Dorado Kickstarter campaign. Here's a look at what they've got in store as the time runs on.From the update:With 11 days still to go, the $55,000 Token set
Cipher Studios shows off a pair of Efrit Warriors they're going to be coming out with for Hell Dorado.From the preview:Hey Everyone!Here’s a quick sneak peak of the upcoming Efrit Warriors sculpts fro
Cipher Studios has 2 weeks left on their Hell Dorado campaign. They've added in some stretch goals that will bring you guys tokens and template sets. Everyone loves tokens and templates.From the updat
Cipher Studios has updated their Hell Dorado Kickstarter to add new core decks and figures to the offerings.From the update:We made it to the Core Deck of cards stretch goal including all the cards fr
Cipher Studios has already made more than double their goal on Kickstarter for their Hell Dorado expansion, unlocking new minis for the campaign.From the campaign:The Hell Dorado Inferno Kickstarter i
Cipher Studios launched the Kickstarter event for their Hell Dorado: Inferno expansion.From the campaign:The INFERNO expansion book and card deck is the first major expansion in the Hell Dorado univer
Cipher Studios announced that they're going to be making a new expansion for Hell Dorado called Inferno. They're going to be running a Kickstarter campaign in order to fund the project, which will sta
Cipher Studios has two new releases for Hell Dorado this month. And here they are...From the announcement:I posted the concept art for Guillaume a few months ago. So nice to see how awesome the sculpt
Cipher Studios posted up a pair of Anima Spoilers. And here they are:From the website:Hey Anima Fans! I’ll just leave this little tidbit here
Ciphper Studios didn't get Kudoi out with the rest of the Anima Tactics releases, but he's available now.From the release:The straggler from the earlier big wave of releases this month, Kudoi, is now
Cipher Studios got their Medusa playing card decks funded over on Kickstarter. Still 4 days to go if you want to get in on the action.From the campaign:We did It! The deck has met it’s funding goal.
Cipher Studios has released 3 new models for Anima Tactics over in their webstore. Go check 'em out.From the announcement:Kira, Frederick Adler, and Type-020: Verrier for Anima Tactics are now availab