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Cianty's Tabletop Wargames Blog

Even when I was younger and had a bit more disposable income than I do now, I always looked to reviews (mostly through my friends) to let me know if a game was worth picking up or not. Reviews are a vital resource so as to not end up with a new game/model that will just sit on your shelf, collecting dust, but instead see plenty of table time.

Here's a list of reviews we found over this past week.

Read down to the bottom, if you wouldn't mind, as I've got some questions for you and a contest as well.
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Cianty takes a look at and gives you their thoughts on the Coaching Inn terrain piece from Tabletop World.


From the review:

Cianty's tabletop blog posts an in-depth review of the newly released Coaching Inn from Tabletop World.

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Cianty's Wargame Blog takes a look at the book, "Building Wargame Terrain" by author Tony Harwood.

From the review:

There are a couple talented hobbyists out there who create stunning fantasy/medieval wargaming terrain, such as Wolfgang Jädtke, Trull, Rob Hawkins, theomar pius or Thibo and X-Tine of CT-Scenery - to name just a few*. But when it comes to high quality resin terrain manufacturers the number shrinks drastically. The products from Tabletop World, Stronghold Terrain and GrandManner being my favourites**. With "Building Wargame Terrain", Tony Harwood, one of the top terrain model makers, has now published a book in which he describes his techniques and shows off some of his fine work. Some of his creations are available as resin models from GrandManner. Incidentally, one of them - the Wachau Meeting House from the 28mm Napoleonic Europe range - is currently sitting on my workbench. So naturally I was especially curious to take a look "behind the scenes" and learn about the making-of for these beautifully crafted pieces.