Choose Your Own Adventure

Z-Man Games Announces War With the Evil Power Master! Adventure Book

Man, looking over all the elements that go into this book, it's a lot more involved than simply turning to page 32 if you want to go left down the hallway. Z-Man Games has announced a new Choose Your Own Adventure book called War With the Evil Power Master! And if you can't tell from the title, it's supposed to be a bit scholcky and play on old, nostaligic sci-fi tropes.

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Z-Man Games Announces Choose Your Own Adventure: House of Danger

Many of us have read a Choose Your Own Adventure book. I very fondly remember one from when I was a kid, where you were hopping back and forth in time, hunting down dinosaurs, with the ultimate goal of finding an archopteryx. Well, that sort of adventure and excitement is coming to your tabletops in a new form from Z-Man Games. The first of these is called House of Danger.

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