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Chilling Wargamers

Chilling Wargamers got themselves a fancy, new YouTube channel for their reviews and shows. Be sure to add them to your watch list.


From the update:

So we have a new channel for the show. Please go over and sub and share and chicken and base.

Chilling Wargamers sat down with Alessio Cavatore about his new game, Tarot of Loka, and taped it so you can see how things went.


From the video:

So Mr Alessio Cavatore speaks to the Chilling Wargamers about the fantastic new card based game. All set about in the Loka universe.
15th November the kickstarter goes live!

Chilling Wargamers has posted up episode 10 of their vidcast online for your viewing pleasure.

In this episode:

Alessio Cavatore Talks About Loka on Chilling Wargamers

Chilling Wargamers is a new weekly wargaming and hobby live-stream show. Check out their Facebook for details.

From the announcement:

There is a new wargaming related weekly live-show on the internet!
Every thursday at 7PM UK time, 2PM for the east coast of the USA and 11AM for the west coast. Topics will range from painting to blogging to making youtube video tutorials. We have lots of nice and interesting guests to help us with the topics and spice up the show.

Details and announcements will be postedon our facebook page.