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Chest of Colors

Chest of Colors has an assembly and review article up for HobbyZone's miniature transport cases. Are these in what you should be packing your minis for transport?SourceFrom the article:HobbyZone‘s off
Chest of Colors has a review article up taking a look at the Howling Horde set available from Norsgard Miniatures.SourceFrom the review:Recently I came into possession of this set. I decided to make a
Chest of Colours takes a look at the Cartomancer mini from Anakron Miniatures and gives you their thoughts on the subject in this review.SourceFrom the article:I got his one since I am a great fan of
Chest of Colors takes a look inside the Battle for Alabaster box for Sedition Wars and gives us a review.From the website:Sedition Wars: Battle for Alabaster is the latest game from the legendary Mike
Chest of Colors posted up a review of the Hangar 18 photo backgrounds that we posted up the news story for the other day.From the review:Many of you surely wondered what kind of photographic backdrops
Chest of Colors put up a review they did of a pair of Infamy Miniatures: Sherlock Holmes & Henrietta Jekyll.From the review:Infamy Miniatures is a relatively new manufacturer of steampunk miniatures i
Chest of Colors posted up their "most interesting releases of summer" list on their website.So many interesting miniatures were released this summer that reviewing, selecting and describing them took
Chest of Colors put up a review of the Alice model made by Nocturna Models.From the review:I‘m a great fan of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll so it was a great joy for me to see the
Chest of Colors is holding their first painting contest in a looooong time and they want you to get in on the action.From the announcement:We’re happy to announce a painting contest after a very long
Chest of Colors put up a review of Lord Baron Mantes from Smart Max over on their website. What did they think of it? I'm not going to ruin the ending.From the review:Slawol had a chance to paint a po
Chest of Colors did a review of two models from Spellcrow: Halloween Mage and Mrokin. See what they think about 'em.From the review:Spellcrow is the company behind the Umbra Turris game. Slawol had bo
Chest of Colors has a review up of some of their most interesting picks for releases from May. Check out what they thought of the month that was.May brought us so many interesting new releases in the
Chest of Colors gives us a review of their best and worst models for the month of March and April in their latest and Hellspawn discuss their choices of most interesting, best, worst,
Chest of Colors reviews a rack of colors... well, the HobbyZone paint station anyway. Seems appropriate.From the review:HobbyZone is a new company producing accessories for miniature painting and mode
Chest of Colors reviews some of Titan Forge's miniatures over on their website. It's pretty thorough, so go check it out.Titan Forge is a fairly new company based in Poland.We have recently received s
Chest of Colors has a review up on their website on the new Forge World Chaos Decimator. Be an informed consumer!Ariakas couldn't resist buying the Forge World Chaos Decimator model! Review was a natu
Chest of Colors does an unboxing and review of one of the plastic kits Privateer Press is making nowadays, the Circle Orboros Warpwolf heavy warbeast kit.From the review:A while ago Privateer Press an
Chest of Colors unboxes and reviews the 25th anniversary model put out by Games Workshop for Warhammer 40k.From the review:25th Anniversary of Warhammer 40.000 was commemorated with release of a limit
Chest of Colors lets you know how they feel about the Winsor and Newton series brushes vs. others out there.But don't just listen to me.Winsor & Newton series 7 brushes are often considered the best b
" target="_blank">Chest of Colors posts a review of the miniature, Jebzakkah B’Ork:From their post:This model’s full name is Jebzakkah B’Ork – Bayourk Chieftain, and it’s one of the bulkier sculpts in
Chest of Colors posts a review of review of Romeo Models Jean Bart:From their website:Romeo Models offer a good alternative to Pegaso or Andrea miniatures. Czlowiek.morze posted a Jean Bart review to
Chest of Colors Posts a Review of ForgeCraft Games Bases:From their announcement:One of our regulars, Hellspawn, posted a review of "Fire and Brimstone" line of bases from ForgeCraft Games. Read on to
Chest of Colors Posts a Hobby Article:From their announcement:When you're done with painting miniatures and basing them, you could consider making a movement tray for them. Rzymek, who has painted man
Chest of Colors Posts an Article of 25 Worst Miniatures Ever Made:From their announcement:People often discuss which miniatures they like the most, which releases were the coolest, and what they would
Chest Of Colors has posted up a new tutorial.From their announcement:So you think you've seen it all? Tried it all? Done it all?And I only mean painting miniatures... If you think there are no techniq