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Chapterhouse Studios

Chapterhouse Studios and Games Workshop have been dueling it out for quite some time, as you all know. It seems, however, an agreement has been reached between the two parties.


From the update:

Over the weekend, word broke that both parties reached a settlement. Paperwork has been jointly filed (see below) by both parties with the Chicago court to withdraw all pending litigation due to a private settlement that had been reached by both parties.

The details of the settlement are not disclosed and in almost all legal cases are sealed. So we will have to look for signs of what happened "from the outside".

This case has been a long twisting road full of victories and defeats for both sides along the way.

ChapterHouse Studios has had their assets frozen by further legal action from Games Workshop.



From the post:
Our assets have been frozen.

Yes, thats pretty much the issue. Many of you may know that Games Workshop has been in a legal battle with us for almost 4 years now.. maybe its 5...

Anyways, they have asked the courts to freeze our assets and this has happened, this happened early September, not long after I posted the photos of the last set of products that were being produced and almost ready to ship.
Chapterhouse Studios has themselves a Winter sale going on over in their webshop. Buy all the winter you want at a reduced price.


From the sales sheet:

Brrr its cold outside! What better way to enjoy the cold weather then to stay inside and have fun with our models and games??
To Celebrate the cold weather, we are having a %15 off sale throughout the store!

All you have to do to take advantage of the discount is enter the coupon code "WinterFest" in the coupon box at checkout. This sale will end on February 14th, so take advantage quickly!

Chapterhouse Studios has less than 3 days left on their sci-fi trenches and terrain pieces on Kickstarter. They've made well above their initial goal, so there's several stretch goals already passed.

From the campaign:

Here is a long awaited update of the Space Bug weapon emplacement. Sorry it took longer then I thought.

We also redid the demon weapon as well. We decided to go with a demonic statue that would unleash fire and lightning to aid its allies.

Chapterhouse Studio gives you some more options with your minis with the release of their new Railgun arms.

From the release:

The Chapterhouse Studios "Battlesuit Railguns and Support Weapons" kit are a set of resin arm mounted weapons designed to be compatible with Games Workshops Tau Crisis, Commander and Broadside Battlesuits models.

Resin components sold unpainted and unassembled. Games Workshop Tau Battlesuit models are not included and are shown as examples of use only.

Each resin kit contains 20 components:
2 upper arms
2 railgun main bodies
8 rail gun accelerator components (to allow 2 different styles)
2 missile launchers
2 plasma guns
2 rail gun barrels
2 sensor antennae

I hope you like them.

Chapterhouse Studios launched a Kickstarter campaign in order to fund a new line of sci-fi terrain.

From the campaign:

The first set will be a "Dark Tech" themed defense line that includes enough barriers and 2 weapon types to enable players to use a defense line with 28mm models. We plan to utilize green clear resin to cast up some components to give that "stygian" look to the terrain.

Bell of Lost Souls has posted up the verdict regarding the court case between Games Workshop and Chapterhouse Studio.

From the post:

Breaking down the counts along the different categories we have:

Copyright Claims
160 claims alleged against CHS
-GW won on 1/3 of the claims, including items such as CHS' Powerfists
-CHS won on 2/3 of the claims, including the use of the underlying shape and size of GW Shoulderpads.
Chapterhouse Studios has two sets of releases for this month from two opposite ends of the technology spectrum. First are a set of Lizard-Ogres with clubs and axes. Second are new Space Marine weapon bits and accessories.

Chapterhouse Studios has some more conversion pieces for you. These are wings and claws for Tyranids. Watch 'em fly!

From the release:

September sees some love for bug players out there. Always something we have been asked to do, the Shrike Conversion kit allows the modeler to add wings, taloned legs and a new head to their Games Workshop Tyranid Warrior Models.

This kit is priced at $12.00 USD here and will modify one model as shown. Conversion Kit sculpted by Jae Lee and Tomas Fiertek

Chapterhouse Studios has posted up their May releases on their website. Customize your models to how you want them to look.

From the update:

Hello Chapterhouse Studios customers and fans,

This week we have a new kit to add to our Knights Praetorius TRU-Scale line.
ChapterHouse Studios has a new Pilum Imperial Attack Jetbike up on their website. Check it out.

From them to you:

This multi-part customizable resin kit contains 21 resin components. This set includes our standard Javelin Jet Bike kit as well as 12 new components to upgrade it to an "attack" variant - the Pilum Jet Bike. Two side mounted weapon options are included - our Heavy Bolt Gun and a Heavy Melta Gun. This kit is specifically designed to allow the two heavy weapon options to be magnetized and this kit includes 6 magnets as well.

Chapterhouse Studios Announces New Releases:

From their announcement:

We just launched our new website design, check it out at!

The Javelin Jetbike is now on the site and available for sales for $14.00.

This kit will consist of the original Javelin kit with the addition of side mounted heavy weapons and a heavier engine and control surfaces.

Have a good holiday week!

Nick - Chapterhouse Studios LLC
Chapterhouse Studios have released the TRU-Scale Conversion kit for Games Workshop's 40K Storm Raven kit. TRU-Scale Converted Storm Raven From their announcement:
Our TRU-Scale Conversion kit for the Storm Raven is finally up for general release today. The kit will sell for $18.50 and extends the length of the model to just under 12 inches and also includes a 4 piece harness for a dreadnought (which can be magnetized to hold a dreadnought model if you are creative). Nick - Chapterhouse Studios
Warrior Priestess - Armana'serqChapterhouse Studios have released a new 28mm sci-fi figure - the Warrior Priestess Armana'serq. From their announcement:
Today our second complete miniature figure is released for sale. Armana'serq - Warrior Priestess The gods have always demanded worship and sacrifice but in return they grant their most zealous followers with supernatural strength and skills. Serqitet, goddess of the scorpion protects her followers through her warrior priestess. Armed with sword and pistol, Armana'serq leads her fellow warrior-priest into combat through stealth and subterfuge. This unpainted 28mm scale pewter model consist of 6 components - body and 5 variant arms. A 25mm slotted base is included. Armana'serq is available here for $13.50 Look for our exciting TRU-Scale Storm Raven Extension kit next week!
Chapterhouse Studios have added new bases and accessories to their online store. 28mm rifles From their announcement:
Chapterhouse Studios has released 5 sets of new 28mm rifles modeled after present day SCARs and Sniper Rifles that are scaled for Imperial Guard models. They have also released their first set of decorative "Lava World" bases
  • 8 Rifle Variety pack - $5.00
  • SCAR Autoguns 6 - $4.00
  • SCAR Lasguns 6 - $4.00
  • SCAR with Grenade Launchers 6 - $4.00
  • Sniper Rifles 6 -$4.00
The 25mm Volcanic bases are 10 for $11.00
Chapterhouse Studios have sent details of their releases for June 2011. Rapid Response Wheeled Chimera kit From their announcement:
Chapterhouse Studios has four new items on its website today. A Rapid Response Wheeled Chimera kit for the Games Workshop Imperial Guard Chimera will turn any Chimera based vehicle into a wheeled fast attack vehicle. This 9 piece resin kit is available for $13.50 right now. Also for release is a new set of replacement doors for the Games Workshop Space Marine Land Raider kit. These doors have images of weapon-wielding Grim Reapers or Angels of Death and are designed to fit seamlessly on your land raider kit. This 6 piece resin kit is available now for $11.50. Also for sale is a 5 piece Gun-Spear kit for $6.00 and a Servo-Harness and Conversion-Beamer weapon kit that fits on Games Workshop Space Marine models for $9.50.
Chapterhouse Studios have released their Doomseer Iyanar miniature. Doomseer Iyanar From their announcement:
Doomseer Iyanar-Duanna is cursed with the ability to forsee the slow death of her race. She shares the ability of all seers to see the paths of her race, but is only able to see the deaths of her people and nothing else. She was psychically scarred when she witnessed the death of the people of Malantai, she is now doomed to spend every moment of her life tracking down the creature responsible. The "Doomseer" is only available from Chapterhouse Studios. The unpainted 28mm scale pewter model consist of 5 pieces - body and 4 variant arms. A 25mm slotted base is included.