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Center Stage Miniatures

Center Stage Miniatures have just a couple days left for their Tomb of Horrors II Kickstarter campaign. They've got some greens they're showing off for the minis they've funded with the campaign.Sourc
Center Stage Miniatures has started a new Kickstarter campaign to make more monsters from the famous Tomb of Horrors (and more). They've more than made their goal already, so it's stretch goals for th
Torn Armor posted up another update on how things are going with the project in the wake of the situation with Defiance.As of this posting, there has not been any sort of response from Defiance.Source
Center Stage Miniatures has their new Chaos Giant available over in their webshop.SourceFrom the release:Sculpted by Jason Wiebe.Painted by Martin Jones.Model stands 120mm from the integral base to th
Center Stage Miniatures does think a Sharknado is scary enough, so they've given the shark legs. Check out the green for the Spawn of Dajobas.SourceFrom the preview:There are lesser weresharks, and th
Center Stage Miniatures posted up a preview green of their Asmodeus model they've been working on.From the preview:Only one more sculpt to complete the entire Demons/Devils Kickstarter - the King of E
Center Stage Miniatures has one week left in their Tome of Horrors Kickstarter. They've made it well above funding level and have posted up some greens their sculptors have been working on.From the up
Center Stage Miniatures is showing off WIP greens for their Lashing Prince of Lies.From the preview:One of the final greens from the Demons/Devils Kickstarter. 94mm Tall!
Center Stage Miniatures has a photo up of an Eye Killer they're working on.From the preview:An EYE KILLER work-in-progress picture. One of the first miniatures from our Tome of Horrors Complete Kickst
Center Stage Miniatures has posted some more stretch goals for their Tome of Horrors Kickstarter campaign.From the update:At the $47.5K funding level, we add 3 more miniatures - a pair of Inphidians (
Center Stage Miniatures and Frog God Games has launched a Kickstarter in order to fund a line of 28mm miniatures for the Tome of Horrors.From the campaign:28mm fantasy miniatures compatible with Sword
Center Stage Miniatures is showing off pictures of their Undead Prince funded by their Kickstarter project.From the preview:Demons/Devils Kickstarter. Sculpted by Federico Genovese.
Center Stage Miniatures has 5 days left in their Torn World Kickstarter. To try and reach some higher stretch goals, they've added some new minis to various pledge levels.From the update:With under a
Center Stage Miniatures has a little over a week in their Torn World Kickstarter. They've posted up greens of Red and some artwork for their next stretch goal.From the update:I think you'll agree she'
Center Stage Miniatures is looking to really get some funding behind them for their Torn World minis set on Kickstarter. They've made it to their base goal and have unlocked some extra stretch goals.F
Center Stage Miniatures has launched their Torn World Kickstarter campaign in order to fund a line of 28mm fantasy models.Note: Not all photos in the link are work-safe.From the campaign:Close your ey
Center Stage Miniatures posted up a photo of the Lemures from their recent Kickstarter.From the update:A trio of Lemures, from our Demons & Devils Kickstarter. sculpted by Federico Genovese. Painted b
Center Stage Miniatures is on the last couple days of their Kickstarter campaign. They wanted $1k. They're getting close to $40k, which means all the stretch goals!From the campaign:The $75 pledge lev
Center Stage Miniatures has started a new Kickstarter to add some Demons and Devils to the lineup.From the campaign:Center Stage Miniatures, which has been producing "old school" miniatures for fantas
Center Stage Miniatures put up their September releases over on their website.
Center Stage Miniatures released their new Water Weird model. Be careful where you go to drink.From the website:The well looks innocent enough. Perhaps it once provided water to the denizens of the lo
Center Stage Miniatures has a couple new models they're releasing over on their website.From the website: NOTE: Although called "Ogres," these miniatures stand only slightly taller than a 25mm human.M
Center Stage Miniatures put up a new Baphomet, Lord of Minotaurs model in their webstore. Get your other Minotaurs in line with him around.From the release:Sculpted by Jason Wiebe. This miniature stan
Center Stage Miniatures is now accepting pre-orders for their Glacial Wyrm:From their announcement:CSM-007, Glacial Wyrm, sculpted by Jason Wiebe, is now available for pre-order at www.centerstagemini
Center Stage Miniatures Announces Black Friday Sale:From their announcement:BLACK FRIDAY SALE AT CENTER STAGEBookmark our eCrater store at and get ready for BLACK F