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Cave Troll

They've got a Cave Troll.
You can have one, too. You can all have a Cave Troll! All you need to do is go to your LGS or the Fantasy Flight Games webshop and pick up a copy. Since, y'know, it's been released and all that.
Sometimes, just playing the good guys in a game can get old. The same can be said for just playing the bad guys. What if you want to play both the heroes and the monsters? There's not much chance for something like that. However, in Cave Troll, that's just what you get to do. And in today's preview from Fantasy Flight Games, you get to take a look at how it works.
Fantasy Flight Games has announced that they'll be coming out with a new edition of the Cave Troll board game. You and your fellow adventurers (well, they might not exactly be your fellows. They want their gold, too) are headed into a newly-discovered dungeon to see what sorts of riches can be plundered. Of course, the monsters that inhabit the halls and rooms don't exactly take kind to trespassers, and are going to be there to try and stop you. Players get to control both heroes and monsters in the game, adding a bit of an interesting twist on the usual.

From the announcement: