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Casual Game Insider

Whether your huddled up by the fireplace to keep warm or you're lounging on the beach under an umbrella, having a gaming magazine to read is a good accessory to your activity. And if it's Casual Game
The Fall 2015 issue of Casual Game Insider magazine is now available for your reading pleasure (via download or picking up a physical copy, that is). Catch up on all the things a casual gamer should k
The week is coming to an end. Hopefully if you were at Gen Con last weekend, you've managed to get back into the "regular swing" of things. Just yesterday I was able to get through the last few linger
For those of you that don't just like to play games, but also like to talk about them, and particularly read about them, Casual Game Insider magazine is running a Kickstarter campaign now in order to
Casual Game Insider has releases Issue 11 of their magazine for you, the grateful, awaiting public, to download and read at your pleasure. This issue they take a look at why players keep coming back f
Casual Game Insider issue #10 is now available for your downloading and reading pleasure. This issue has articles on Alpha Bandits, a new game from Wiggity Bang. Also, there's a retrospective from Ess
Casual Game Insider has released issue #9 of their magazine for your reading pleasure.SourceIn this issue:Join the hunt for evil creatures in Flying Frog's new deck-building card game, Dark Gothic.Plu
Casual Game Insider has launched a Kickstarter campaign in order to get the 3rd year of their magazine produced and out to you.SourceFrom the campaign:As we enter our 3rd year of production, please he
Casual Game Insider has made a deal to get onto newsstands near you in the near future.SourceForm the announcement:The Casual Game Revolution continues onward. We are proud to announce a new Casual Ga
Casual Game Insider is now available in digital format to you tech-savvy people who use tablets and i-devices and so forth and so on.SourceFrom the press release:As of today, it is now available for d
Casual Game Insider Magazine reached their funding goal in only 8 days on Kickstarter. So it's stretch goals for the next 20.From the announcement:After only 8 days on Kickstarter, we raised $15,000 t
Casual Game Insider Magazine is looking to fund a second year of their magazine and have a Kickstarter campaign in order to do so (hopefully. They're more than halfway there, though).From the campaign