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It's a very big release day for TTCombat. They've got 5 different kits available now for Carnevale as well as a whole bunch of new terrain to jazz up your tabletops with. Head on over and check them a
Don't put your head in the sand over this one. TTCombat is giving us a look at this week's upcoming releases. That includes a new unit for Carnevale. They're dudes riding ostriches. That's something y
Dungeons & Dragons Core Rulebooks Gift Set
As the year winds down, we get to what will be the last releases for the year from different companies. That's what we've got here, as TTCombat closes out 2020 with a brand new starter box for Carneva
Carnevale has a decent-sized update this week. TTCombat has released a new box set in the form of the Holy Crusaders. They've also went back and looked over the stats for the Commedia dell'Arte factio
The Vatican's Holy Crusaders are getting some reinforcements this week in Carnevale. Head on over to the TTCombat website and check out their new box set.
The folks over at TTCombat have three new releases available now for Carnevale. There's two new box sets of figures as well as a new single. So, if you're a player that has a Guild or Strigoi force, y
The Doctors are In. Some new releases are available for Carnevale and each one is a new class. So, what do these figures play like and where can you pick them up? TTCombat has all that info for you in
The beautiful city of Venice is home to a strange war between different mystical factions, each vying for control. Two of those factions are getting reinforcements this week as TTCombat has some new C
Thought you missed out on your chance to get the new Limited Edition minis from TTCombat? Well, you haven't! They've extended the sale period out to the 1st of September. That's not far away, so if yo
The folks over at TTCombat aren't letting the lack of in-person conventions ruin their convention exclusives for their games. You can head over to their website and order yourselves the exclusives for
TTCombat is celebrating their fan page for Carnevale breaking 1000 members (like... getting more than 1000 people signed up for it. Not like they went and smashed a bunch of people's bones...). They'r
The folks over at TTCombat have some new Carnevale singles available for you. If you're looking to bulk up your alternate-historia Venitian figure collection, now's your chance. Head on over and check
It's looking more and more like we're not going to have much of a convention season this year. And while that's sad, it's the smart decision to make. But what about all those show-exclusive figures yo
The folks over at TTCombat have been working hard on new releases for Carnevale and now the fruits of their labor are available to you. They have two new box sets, two new single figures, and a bunch
This post could very well fit into today's Terrain Corner as well. TTCombat has some new Carnevale releases available over in their webshop. Two box sets and two single blisters can now be added to yo
In Carnevale, different factions vie for power in Venice's streets. Supernatural powers stalk the shadows. It's a lot going on in the cramped confines. And it's only getting more crowded, as TTCombat
Here's a game we've not heard about for a little bit, but it's nice to see it coming back. TTCombat has a quartet of new Carnevale kits that you can order over in their webshop. I mean, one's got a bi
The folks at TTCombat have a new batch of Carnevale releases available to pre-order over in their webshop. It's 3 new sets of figures as well as some new terrain that you can use for your Venitian gam
Carnevale is getting a rebirth over on Kickstarter. There's a campaign over there for a brand-new 2-player starter set (and we all know my thoughts on those) and a revamped rulebook. Whether you're a
This is never a story type that I like to post.Unfortunately, it seems as though Vesper-On will be closing up shop. In an e-mail sent to other game companies, they announced that they are looking to s
Oh solooooo miiiii-ooooo!I dooooon't know the woooooords!Vesper-On has the next set of releases available for Carnevale. These are figures that were unlocked during their Kickstarter campaign to relau
Vesper-On Games has a week left in their Carnevale Kickstarter campaign. They're closing in on 3x funded.SourceFrom the campaign:We've just uploaded the reviewed Doctors of the Ospedale rules. You can
Vesper-On Games decided they wanted something a little bit different for their game, Carnevale. Not specifically fitting into the usual genres of Fantasy, Sci-Fi, or even Steampunk, they have decided
Vesper-On Games has launched their Kickstarter campaign for their new version of Carnevale. They're already 2x funded with still 26 days to go.SourceFrom the campaign:This campaign will help us to fun
Vesper-On has posted a big announcement about the status of the company and of Carnevale for the upcoming year.SourceFrom the update:After a long silent while, the time to break it has come and we hav