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Car Wars

Car Wars. I remember playing it way back in the day, long ago at The Fantasy Shop St. Charles. It was a game that was always all about making the craziest vehicles you could... and then ramming them h
We all know about crowdfunding and stretch goals. That's half the fun. But Steve Jackson Games is looking to create pre-stretch goals. They're stretch goals that happen even before the campaign's been
Steve Jackson Games is in their last week up on Kickstarter for their Car Wars Classic Arenas campaign. Their latest stretch goal broken turns the single-sided maps into double-sided ones, essentially
Steve Jackson Games is running a sale on all Car Wars items over in Warehouse 23 for the month of April. This due to the Car Wars Kickstarter that's happening now. For the entirety of April, you can s
Steve Jackson Games has launched their Kickstarter campaign for Car Wars Classic Arenas. The campaign is to bring 5 maps from various supplements and put them all in one place in full Car Wars scale.
Steve Jackson Games has announced that they'll be running a Kickstarter for Car Wars Arenas that will start at the end of the month. The set gives you new locations to have your Car Wars battles, prin