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New 28mm Spanish Marines 1808-1811 from Capitan Miniatures

Capitan Miniatures released a new range of Spanish Marines for their Napoleonics range.

From the update:

We have a new addition to our Spanish Napoleonic 28mm range, the Spanish Marines in 1808.1811 uniform. They were 6 Marines regiments operating in all the theaters of the peninsular war. We have released a uniform reference plate for all our customers and friends.
The references of the range are:
SPI026- Spanish Infantería de Marina 1808 Officer
SPI027- Spanish Infantería de Marina 1808 Standard Bearer
SPI028- Spanish Infantería de Marina 1808 Drummer
SPI029- Spanish Infantería de Marina 1808 Sergeant
SPI030- Spanish Infantería de Marina 1808 Marching full uniform gaiters
SPI031- Spanish Infantería de Marina 1808 Marching full uniform trousers
SPI032- Spanish Infantería de Marina 1808 Marching shell jacket espardeñas
SPI033- Spanish Infantería de Marina 1808 Marching shell jacket trousers

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Capitan Miniatures updates their gallery and webstore

Capitan Miniatures went and updated their gallery and their webstore with some newly-painted model sets. Here's how they look:

From the update:

We have updated our gallery and our catalogue at our online shop with updated painted photos of our 28mm Spanish Cazadores a Caballo, 18mm Naval Gunners & guns, and 18mm sailors in working poses. All painted by Rafa "Archiduque".

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28mm Brunswick-Oels Jëgers Rifles now available from Capitan Miniatures

Capitan Miniatures now has their Brunswick-Oels Jegers Rifles now available over on their website.

From the announcement:

The Brunswick-Oels Jägers landed in Lisbon on October 1810. The Regiment comprised 12 companies and a regimental headquarters. Three companies were sharpshooters companies, armed with the Baker rifle. These companies were detached to serve with the British 4th and 5th division, one company served with the 3rd battalion of the 1st Regiment of foot (Royal Scots)., the others were with the Crauford´s Light division.
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Capitan Miniatures/Breaking War/Warmodelling Miniature Painting Contest

Capitan Miniatures along with Breaking War magazine and Warmodelling are having themselves a painting competition. So fire up your brushes and get to work and you could be a winner.

The details:

Our first Painting Competition is open from now¡¡¡

Warmodelling, Breaking War (New Spanish Wargamers Magazine) & Capitan Miniatures presents our first painting competition

We send you free of charge a miniature from the 28mm Spanish Napoleonic series¡¡¡ (All EU and rest of the world competitors are accepted)
Three prizes for the three winning entries:
A 50€ voucher from CAPITAN MINIATURES to spend on Capitan Miniatures.
A 50€ voucher from WARMODELLING to spend on Warmodelling Miniatures
A 0ne year subscription to BREAKING WAR MAGAZINE

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New 18mm sailors from Capitan Miniatures

Capitan Miniatures has some new 18mm sailors available up on their website. Shiver me timbers!

From the update:

Our news greens from Michael Broaddbent of 18mm sailors in working poses, they are perfect for collectors, wargamers, and ship modelers, they fit in wooden ship's kits of 1/90-1/100scale. In a few weeks available in our online shop and distributors & retailers.

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Italian distributor for Capitan Miniatures

Capitan Miniatures have a new, exclusive distributor in Italy. So all you Italians out there wanting to get a hold of these models will have a much easier time of it now, thanks to Tabletop Wargames.

From Capitan Miniatures:

We are happy to announce that all the CAPITAN MINIATURES products are now available for Italian customers in TABLETOP WARGAMES.IT

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Capitan Miniatures has new Napoleonic naval guns and crews

Capitan Miniatures expands their 18mm Napoleonics line with their new naval guns and crews.

From them to you:

We have added to our Napoleonic Naval range of 18mm miniatures, 6 Gun Crews, a naval 18lb gun and light 12pdr carronade. All the miniatures sculpted by Michel Broadbent. They are available at our online shop.

GN001-Master Gunner
GN002-Gunner aiming
GN003-Gunner with cartridge
GN004-Gunner with ramrod
GN005-Gunner with bucket
GN006-Gunner with handle Retail price 0,5€ per miniature
GN007-18lb Gun Retail Price 2€
GN008-12pdr Carronade Retail Price 1€
GN009-18lb Gun and 6 crew Reatil Price 4€
GN010-12pdr Carronade and 6 crew Retail price 3,5€
GN011-Gun crew (6 different gunners) Retail price 3€

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Capitan Miniatures new 1/1200 scale Napoleonic ships

Capitan Miniatures has some new 1/1200 scale Napoleonic ships up on their website. Go have a look-see.

From the update:

"Naval Scale" is a new miniature system of ships in 1/1200 scale.
Fully detailed miniatures of ships in the Napoleonic era.
Each model consists of two white metal pieces, the base of the sea and the ship.
Scale and size compatible with the current market miniatures, but much more simple assembly and painting. Much more gamer freindly than the very delicate miniatures found on the market now.
Capitan Miniatures innovates in the wargamers and collectors market, the ships are perfect for your naval wargames and collections.
Perfect to play at our Master &Commander game, download our free Napoleonic Naval Battles rules at our Capitan Games web.
Next to come Heavy Frigates & Frigates.

Our range:

SH001- 1st Rate Full Sails (120-112guns)
SH002- 1st Rate Combat Sails (120-112guns)
SH003- 2nd Rate Full Sails (100-90guns)
SH004- 2nd Rate Combat Sails (100-90guns)
SH005- 3rd Rate (80guns or big-medium 74gums) Full Sails
SH006- 3rd Rate (80guns or big-medium 74guns) Combat Sails
SH007- 3rd – 4th Rate (small 74guns, 64guns or 54guns) Full Sails
SH008- 3rd – 4th Rate (small 74guns, 64guns or 54guns) Combat Sails


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Capitanin Miniatures has new Spanish Infantry

Capitann Miniatures has some wonderfully painted Spanish Infantry up on their website for all to see. Go check 'em out!

From the website:

We have updated our online gallery and our online shop with the photos of our Spanish Napoleonic Infantry painted by Javier Gómez "El Mercenario" and sculpted by Michael Broadbent.

Our infantry are the most accurate and historical researched spanish napoleonic miniatures in the market, with a selection of uniforms and interchangeable heads that can be combined in a total of 48 different uniform settings.

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Capitan Miniatures has New Spanish Infantry Grenadiers 1808-1811

Capitan Miniatures has a new set of Spanish grenadiers for us to look at.

Read their words! These guys are serious about this stuff.

The grenadiers in the Spanish Army at the beginning of the peninsular war were the elite troops of each regiment, with a long tradition in combat. The Spanish army was divided in 41 Line regiments, 42 Provincial Regiments, and 4 Provincial Grenadiers Divisions; each Line regiment has three battalions of four companies each, the first battalion has two companies of line grenadiers. The Provincial regiments have one battalion with five companies, one of them of grenadiers. The Provincial Grenadiers Division has two battalions of four companies of grenadiers.

Each grenadier company has a selected group of 5 "gastadores" sappers, with a peculiar bearskin and uniform, we have included them in our miniatures range.
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Capitan Miniatures Downloadable Close Quarters Full Size Boards

Capitan Miniatures announce you can download the Close Quarters boards in a full size image (jpg):

From their announcement:

Download them at and print in full size, we recommend to print in "blackout" canvas or hard cardboard, at your local copy store.

Remember that we have a complete range of 18mm miniatures to use with our game, you can find them at our online shop:

In our Shop we offer you two types of crew packs, one for a ships of the line and another for frigates, with all the miniatures and bases that you need to start playing.

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Capitan Miniatures Free Downloadable Flags

Capitan Miniatures has free flag downloads for your historical games:

From their website:

We will publish for free download flags for all the units that we release in miniature, al the flags are seriously researched and with high quality graphics. Now you can download the Spanish Infantry and Cazadores a Caballo flags.

Find them at

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