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Capitan Miniatures

Capitan Miniatures and Warmodelling have come together to create a single entity.From the announcement:Warmodelling & Capitan Miniatures has been merged.Stronger Together, we are now the most importan
Capitan Miniatures released a new range of Spanish Marines for their Napoleonics range.From the update:We have a new addition to our Spanish Napoleonic 28mm range, the Spanish Marines in 1808.1811 uni
Capitan Miniatures has released their new Gunboat Ships & Crews over on their website. Go have a look-see.From the release:You can choose from 5 different GUNBOATS & SHIPS:British Type gunboatAmerican
Capitan Miniatures is taking names of people who want their Gunboat game that will be releasing soon. Be the first gamer on your block with it!From the announcement:Now you can preorder our Game GUNBO
Capitan Miniatures went and updated their gallery and their webstore with some newly-painted model sets. Here's how they look:From the update:We have updated our gallery and our catalogue at our onlin
Capitan Miniatures now has their Brunswick-Oels Jegers Rifles now available over on their website.From the announcement:The Brunswick-Oels Jägers landed in Lisbon on October 1810. The Regiment compris
Capitan Miniatures along with Breaking War magazine and Warmodelling are having themselves a painting competition. So fire up your brushes and get to work and you could be a winner.The details:Our fir
Capitan Miniatures has some new 18mm sailors available up on their website. Shiver me timbers!From the update:Our news greens from Michael Broaddbent of 18mm sailors in working poses, they are perfect
Capitan Miniatures have a new, exclusive distributor in Italy. So all you Italians out there wanting to get a hold of these models will have a much easier time of it now, thanks to Tabletop Wargames.F
Capitan Miniatures expands their model line with their new Brunswick-Oels Jaegers Sharpshooter (obviously, they've not had a lot of Jaegers before they started shooting, otherwise it wouldn't be so sh
Capitan Miniatures expands their 18mm Napoleonics line with their new naval guns and crews.From them to you:We have added to our Napoleonic Naval range of 18mm miniatures, 6 Gun Crews, a naval 18lb gu
Capitan Miniatures has some new 1/1200 scale Napoleonic ships up on their website. Go have a look-see.From the update:"Naval Scale" is a new miniature system of ships in 1/1200 scale.Fully detailed mi
Capitann Miniatures has some wonderfully painted Spanish Infantry up on their website for all to see. Go check 'em out!From the website:We have updated our online gallery and our online shop with the
Capitan Miniatures has a new set of Spanish grenadiers for us to look at.Read their words! These guys are serious about this stuff.The grenadiers in the Spanish Army at the beginning of the peninsular
Capitan Miniatures announce you can download the Close Quarters boards in a full size image (jpg):From their announcement:Download them at and print in ful
Capitan Miniatures has free flag downloads for your historical games:From their website:We will publish for free download flags for all the units that we release in miniature, al the flags are serious
Capitan Miniatures previews their final greens of the Spanish Infantry series 1808-1811 uniform, and the references & price list:In our website you will find our final
Captian Games releases new Navies for the game Close Quarters.From their announcement:In our website, we have included new ship data cards for the Dutch Navy and the Chilean Navy. Now you can refight
Capitan Miniatures releases MASTER & COMMANDER CLOSE QUARTERS, a set of rules designed for play boarding actions between napoleonic ships:From their website:MASTER & COMMANDER CLOSE QUARTERS is a set
Capitan Miniatures are proud to announce that our exclusive distributor in UK of all our products for retail and shops, is VEXILIA LIMITED:
Capitan Miniatures opens their online shop. From their website:Our online shop is open and totally operative, now you can purchase our 18mm naval ranges and 28mm Gendarmes a cheval & a pied... in a fe
Capitan Miniatures first 28mm miniatures will be available. It will be 7 miniatures for the Napoleonic French Gendarmerie, 3 miniatures of the Gendarmerie a cheval (officer, trumpet 6 trooper) and 4 m
Capitan Miniatures posts that the 18mm Master and Commander series is done:From their announcement:Mike Broadbent, has sent us the last greens of the 18mm series Master & Commander – Close Quarters- t
Capitan Miniatures Previews New Greens:From their announcement:From the workbench of our talented sculptor Mike Broadbent, here they are in 18mm, the US NAVY officers & Marines and the French sailors
Capitan Miniatures News:From their announcement:We have posted in our web photos of our first new miniatures painted by the talented artist Javier Gómez "El Mercenario". The online shop is now on test