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By Fire and Sword

There's a new encounter level coming for By Fire and Sword. Between the skirmish level and the division level is the Task Force level. It's not exactly a small group encountering another, or massed armies meeting on the battlefield, but something in-between, with several squads working together. Pre-orders for the new book detailing all the intricacies of this new game size are available now.

I'm always amazed at the historical gaming community. The specificity that they get to with the hobby is sometimes astounding. If there's a particular army the want to use, they want it to be as accurate as possible. That means that just taking other forces and using them for a particular war simply won't do. As such, there are many very specific supplements out there. Well, a new one is about to come out for By Fire & Sword. This one will cover the Danish Wars 1657 - 1660.
Usually, when you think "Warsaw" and historical minis, you might think about something like Bolt Action or Flames of War. However, the city has had quite a few conflicts pass through its city gates over the centuries. One of the most significant is the Battle Of Warsaw that took place in July of 1656. The folks over at are letting you recreate that battle with their Warsaw 1656 expansion book for By Fire and Sword.
It's time once again for Friday. Now, normally, the week after a "short week" (such as last week) feels like they take forever. At least, to me they do. That's why if given my druthers, I'd have a Monday off rather than a Friday. You get a long weekend and then a short week, as opposed to a short week, long weekend, then a regular week. But that's me. Anyway, I'm happy to say that this week feels like it's just flown by. Here we are already ready for a weekend. And baking fruitcake will be my reward.

But before we can get there, we have some business to attend to, such as a group of bite-sized stories we've collected over the past couple days. What sort of stories?

Ones like these: New Releases Available for Wolsung SSG from Micro Art Studio, Khurasan pre-release deal for 15mm late Cold War armour, Shark Day Miniature Available From Wonderlands Project, Krampus for Kaiju Kaos: The Miniatures Game Released, New releases for By Fire and Sword, Coming Soon - The Prometheans from Nexus Miniatures, Kromlech Legionary Thunder Gun with under-barrel Plasma Gun Now Available, Slavic Fantasy Miniatures Kickstarter by Deraj Studios has Launched, WH40k: Tactical Objectives App Release Date Announced, Post Captain Squadron Action Scenarios Posted, Bombshell Babes 2 on Preorder from Bombshell Miniatures, and Alexander Nevsky ready for Forgestarter campaign.

This week is certainly getting off to a rocket of a start. Obviously, you can't see any of the goings-on over on the opposite side of the screen, but needless to say, it's been a rather busy morning. Thankfully, all of it is "busy in a good way."

Anyway, as I have a moment from the rush of other things, lets get you some news stories about terrain to make your gaming tables look as awesome as possible.

In this grouping we have: New releases for By Fire and Sword and New Italian/Spanish Terrain from Najewitz Modellbau.

Congratulations for surviving another work week. The entire weekend looms before us, full of possibilities. With any luck, you've got some gaming in mind. I'll be taking photos of a bunch of my figures, preparing to sell them off, as I need to make room for some other stuff coming in. Hey, if I've not played a game for ~5 years, and don't really plan on getting back into it, it's probably time to let someone else enjoy it.

Anyway, that's as may be. We've got another collection of bite-sized stories for you. They include: New supplement for By Fire and Sword Announced, Victoria Miniatures Posts September Releases, Ratgard: Preview of the MLRS-Badger, Darkmoor RPG Coming To Kickstarter Next Week, 15mm Caesar's army - Marian Roman 105 BC - 25 BC On Indiegogo, Steve Barber Models New Webshop Opens, Carbon Fiber Playing Card Case by Essential Carbon On Kickstarter, Clear for Takeoff Coming to Kickstarter Soon, Looking For Group Minis Now Available, and Fantasy Flight Games to Release Colored Flight Stands and Bases for X-Wing.

Get on your bikes and ride!
Err... I mean, get on your horses and ride!
By Fire and Sword has some new cavalry model sets available over in their webshop.
It's a rainy Sunday here in Atlanta. Seems like just the time to make some caramel-filled chocolate chip cookies.

Also seems like a good time to give you some bite-sized stories we've come across over the past couple of days.

In this batch, we have: Fireforge New Deals, Great Escape Games Posts FAQ for upcoming Iron Cross WWII rules, and "By Fire and Sword" North American webstore is ready to go.

The fellows over at By Fire and Sword recently held their Historical Skirmish Force competition. Well, the votes have been cast and counted and the winners have been found. Juha Heinänen and Samu Somppi are them, with their Swedish and Muscovite forces.
As I've mentioned previously, I love to see when a Kickstarter campaign not only funds, and not only ships, but also becomes available for general purchase. For me, it's that final step that really shows that a Kickstarter was successful. Sure, a campaign can fund, and then it can ship, but if it's able to create a permanent product for the company that produced it, that's really where the "success" of the campaign becomes total. By Fire and Sword has some new releases available, and those figures had been part of their previous Kickstarter campaign.
With all the excitement about San Diego Comic Con this weekend and Gen Con coming up at the end of the month, it's easy to perhaps overlook Historicon, which will be next weekend in Fredericksburg, Virginia. By Fire and Sword will be there and they'll have some stuff you've not seen before from them at the show.
Wargamer Games Studio made it through some more stretch goals in their The Deluge expansion Kickstarter for By Fire and Sword. There's less than 2 days left to go. How many more stretch goals can they make it through?


From the update:

Imperial Unarmored Cuirassiers are now unlocked! We have reached 44k so portable obstacles are now unlocked! As promised, by reaching 44k, 3 sets of order tokens for new armies: Brandenburg, Transylvania and Holy Roman Empire are unlocked! The Transylvanian unit – light Székely cavalry/’chimney’ cavalry (like ‘chimney smoke’ in Polish infantry). Is unlocked! At the moment we are aiming for 47k there will be 3 large sets: High Command for Transylvania, Holy Roman Empire and Brandenburg. It’s final set that will allow to
publish ‘from skirmish to division’ bundles. As we have promised next batch of historical divisional bundles will be available when we reach 47000 for now Free PDF Rules. Please help us to make those wonders come true, spread the news!

Thank you very much for your support so far and we still count on you!

Wargamer Games Studio is in their final couple days over on Kickstarter for their By Fire and Sword expansion, The Deluge. They're still breaking through stretch goals, so go have a look-see.


From them to you:

In video You can see Gosiewski Foray clashing with Muscovite Zasieczna Guard.

Will Gosiewski lead his Winged Hussars to the victory or the Muscovite Zasieczna Guard wil fend off the Lithuanian Foray from the village?

See it for yourself!

Wargamer Games Studio made it through a new stretch goal and added a new pledge level to their The Deluge: Norther War 1655-1660 Kickstarter campaign.


From the campaign:

First of all we would like to thank you many times for your great support and efforts. Thanks to You all of those was possible! So now we have unocked artillery for all new armies! On level of 41000 Transylvanian and Brandeburgian Commanders small sets will be available. When you reach 43000 The Imperial unarmoured cuirassierswe will be available. Beautiful minis sculpted by Artur ‘Dobywszypa?asza’ ?wietlik are ideal not only for Holy Roman Empire but for other armies where they can be used as reiters. When we gather 44000 The Portable Obstacles will be available. Now new Pledge leve is unlocked as well. The Dice Collector - This will give You set of 9 dice – 1 dice from each faction: Polish-Lithuanian, Swedes, Cossacks, Tartars, Turks, Muscovites, Transylvanian, Brandenburgian and Imperials.

Wargamer Games Studio keeps heading through more stretch goals over on their By Fire & Sword: Deluge Kickstarter campaign. There's a little bit of everything going on over there.


From the campaign:

Thanks to your great support we have reached 35000! Together we can achieve more and we can make wonders! So now we’re fighting for Imperial infantry regiment to be unlock on 37.5k. In stretch goal for 40000 we would like to look into light artillery for three new armies. Now we have Special Regimental offer. We publish second Transylvanian skirmish - Pillaging Raid 1648-1660 - PDF for Free that will allow You to better plan composition of Your army. We decided to introduce new pledge level, called ‘Cautious Gambler’! Dont wait and engage in our effort today! has some pretty big updates to their The Deluge: Norther War Kickstarter campaign for By Fire and Sword.


From the campaign:

Peasant Partisans Skirmish Force - New exclusive KS offer! - Unique in tactics and organisation skirmish set. Kickstarter only! - Azab versus Dvorians! - Great contest for extra units. Take vote while you can! Introduction to Transylvanians! - Background story for Transylvanian Forces and new miniature. Imperial cuirassier WIP! - First impressions. Go and have a look!

By Fire & Sword keeps making it through stretch goals over on their Kickstarter campaign.


From the campaign:

So we’ve finally reached the level of 30k – The Imperial skirmish set is officially unlocked.

The competition for the Imperial General was won by Johann von Sporck: we will prepare the miniature and pdf with rules for him.

There is a new stretch goal revealed as well.

Miniatures of Erik Jönsson (You may better know him under surname Dahlberg) and Her Majesty the Queen are revealed.

You still have a chance to participate in this great project! Dont hesitate, there is still time to support us!

Miniwojna has posted up an interview they conducted with Konrad Sosi?ski of Wargamer Company and talked about their By Fire and Sword game.



From the post:

Interview with Konrad Sosi?ski, owner of Wargamer company, publisher of "By Fire and Sword" rules, has been published on my Miniwojna blog. Wargamer is currently running Kickstarter campaign with the goal of funding first major expansion for "BFaS" - "The Deluge". Interview is published in two languages - English and Polish posted a whole bunch of add-ons to their By Fir and Sword, The Deluge: Northern War 1655-1660.


From the campaign:

As requested, we've updated add ons lists on start page with banners, casualties markers, order counters and dice sets for armies from main rulebook.

By Fire and Sword posted their June releases up in their webshop.

Muscovite Lancers


From the announcement:

Greetings! has recently released a series of new 15mm sets to the "By Fire and Sword" wargame.

They consist of:

MOS-13 Muscovite lancer rota
KOZ-12 Cossacks Medium Artillery - quarter colubrine 5pdr
KOZ-4 Moloitsy
KOZ-3 Wagon train
OTT-14 Ottoman medium artillery – darbzen 2 oka
AKC-19 Tartar Casualties Markers Set

More information can be found on our website

Miniwojna sat down with the authors of By Fire and Sword and figured they'd share what was talked about.

From the interview:

Interview with authors of recently published in English "By Fire and Sword" game. This game, set in a 17th century Eastern Europe, presents a different wargaming experience then usual "Pike and Shotte" rules currently on the market, as Eastern European battlefields and conflicts were different. Authors talk about game itself and its future. All questions were asked by players.

Anatoli's Game Room has posted up an article all about the By Fire and Sword Kickstarter and why you shouldn't miss out on this Kickstarter (which is in its final days).

From the article:

The By Fire & Sword Kickstarter is nearing its end with 4 days to go. If you haven't heard about it already and are interested in a very dynamic and innovative set of rules which supports and provides army lists for both skirmish level as well as division level sized games. has passed $40k and unlocked the Danes for By Fire and Sword over on Kickstarter.

From the update:

The Danes have now been unlocked as a playable faction for "By Fire & Sword" and an overview of the list of freebies has now also been posted.

7 days left to go!

By Fire and Sword, the historical minis wargame, has launched their Kickstarter campaign.

From the campaign:

By Fire and Sword – a historical wargame is the name of a battle system developed by the Wargamer company. We wanted to create a realistic, playable and dynamic wargame which recreates the 17th century wars fought by the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, Turkey, Muscovy, Sweden, Crimean Khanate and the Cossacks.

By Fire & Sword will be making their way to Salute. If you're there, you should stop by and chat with them.

From the announcement:

Wargamer will appear at Salute 2013 in London where we will be presenting our game – By Fire and Sword. You can find us at stand TL08. Of course our stand will be well stocked with figures and accessories for the game. We prepared a number of good offers and some surprises – you will not regret visiting us.

Those of you who would like to make orders before Salute and pick up the goods at our stand we have a presale at 10% off. All you need to do is to place an order at our web store and write "Salute 2013" in the order notes.
Our dispatch department will inform you about the order cost and after paying it your order will be ready for pick up at our stand at Salute.

Salute will also be the place to get a pre-premiere copy of the By Fire and Sword rulebook (English version). The rulebook will be available only at Salute 2013 and later only after the Kickstarter campaign is complete. The rulebook is not included in the pre-sale offer.

Attached You can find next short preview of our book. Winged hussars description and

We will also be making game presentations and teaching the rules at stand GL07.